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Emma to star in Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast'

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Ditto with what yas said!!!!!!!!!!! :) I love BB already so I will doubly love it now that my fav actress will be playing my all time fav Disney princess....still say Rupert should have played Beast ;) but Dan Stevens I bet will be ROARING AWESOME!! :) this really is a dream cast...I mean a Magneto...Gandalf-IAN MCKELLEN?!? Disney is being SO SMART in their selections!!!!!

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"But my favourite moment, because it made me weepy, was when the beast's loving arm was placed tentatively on Belle's shoulder after their pas de deux."


I chuckled while reading this part, probably McKellen is a big fan of watson and stevens' pairing lol

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I just bought the animated version from Disney to hold me over until then!


Also, If "Beauty and the Beast" were performed by cats, Gaston would probably be a Siameze. According to a quick google search I did, the Siameze breed of cat has an especially large esophagus, which makes it produce more saliva...which would mean it would be "especially good at expectorating"! :)

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SHOUTS WITH JOY SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!! :) seriously, Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite Disney movie- I found my pics from my Disney trip of me and Beast :)


That selfie is freakin classic!!!!!!!!!! :) I love their faces...I almost didn't recognize Kevin Kline!!

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