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Our independent movie project.

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Agnes Szalkowska Hi guys

Recently when I was doing research about he for she and gender equality. I got idea for how to show that we care about those problem and explain to people who don't or don't understand . We can also help he for she.


So the idea is to make a independent movie about how to achieve gender equality explain what feminism is etc.

1 we need a story about main subject like violence, bullying, education etc.

So that is actually in progress know I'm try write a all stories with a help a friend.


2 we need people who want be a part of that project.


3 the people who wants be a part of that I give the stories to read and to choose one.


4athe story can be act but act I mean if it will be bullying I want see that much realistic how you can then recorded in small clip around 2m and sender to me .


4b or we can do that like interview every person pick a subject sit down next to your camera and record experience from you own life. ( I want true story )


5 then when I got all clips I edit that in one whole movie. I try to ask he for she for the logo use then we can put to our movie.


I need as many as possible , from every continent, every colour of the skin, every country.


I now that can be very private and some of you don't want share that emotion with the all of us. But this can be a big think in the awareness.

I talk with my friend from UN and he told me that we can send that to he for she.


And if somebody make a music it will be very helpful for that project. Because then we can share that on YouTube.


I want for this project to be our project.




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