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Hey everyone! I'm Josh and I'll be running this game once again for all of you. I'm excited that I was finally able to get Who.Am.I? back onto this new forum. :) A lot of you that came from the other forum already know how everything works in this game but to those who are new these are all the instructions and rules to go by, please read them carefully.


How the game is played

For the first round a person will be chosen randomly to be the first Who.Am.I?. Your job is to ask the Who.Am.I? questions (right in this thread) and try to discover their true identity by the answers they give to the questions you pose. If you guess correctly then you get to choose the next Who.Am.I?. Any one on the forums can potentially be the Who.Am.I?.


When a person correctly guesses the Who.Am.I? either the Who.Am.I? or The Great One will tell you that you've correctly guessed them. (You can post that it's you in the thread after they've correctly guessed it's you.) If you're the one who correctly guessed the last Who.Am.I? you need to PM The Great One telling him who you want the next Who.Am.I? to be.




1. Each player is allowed to ask only 3 questions per post.

2. Each player is only allowed one guess per post.

3. Each player is only allowed one guess per hour. If you guess again prior to the hour period the guess will be ignored/not counted.



1. Answer any questions you see fit, meaning that the Who.Am.I? gets to decide which questions will be answered.

2. The Who.Am.I? is allowed to answer questions in any way they see fit (that being either a vague or specific answer).


Choosing the Who.Am.I?

As stated above you can choose anyone to be the Who.Am.I?, however a person may not be chosen again for another 5 rounds. For example if I, The Great One, were chosen for round 1, I cannot be chosen again till round 6 to be the Who.Am.I?. I keep track of who's been chosen and when and I'll inform you if they've been chosen within the last 5 rounds.



1. If you are the Who.Am.I? do not post in any other threads other then this one. This account was made solely for the purpose of this game and nothing else.

2. Any rule breaking done on this account will result as a warning to your regular account, so please no mischief on this account.



I will begin the game once I get a moderator to pin this topic on top of the games zone. :)

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Okay ladies and germs, lets get this show started. :ohyeah: From now on I'll be keeping score of all your wins. I'm hoping to get a second topic made so I can use it to add your names when you win and update it with the number of additional wins you receive with each round you guess the Who.Am.I? correctly. I think I said enough soooooo...


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are you a boy or a girl?

did you have an account on the old forum?

are you sorted into a house?


I'm human.

I like wandering around the Internet from forums to other.

Yes I have a house I live in and my own room too.


This game is long....


Have I spoke to you before?


I'd like to think I've spoken to Hermione Granger, would be interesting.


how many post do you get per day?

english is your 1st language?

do you like House MD ? :D


Never kept count.

I like English.

It's interesting.

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do you make graphics?

do you have a showcase?

what part of the forum are you most active in?


I love graphics and they can be easy to make.

Here? No.

I like to post here and there.



have you posted picture of yourself somewhere @ forums?

do you like to take pictures? [if so]

which camera do you have from digital ones?


I like looking at people pictures more.



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