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If you have ever been in a college class online, you know all about them discussion boards. Every so often (usually every week or every other week,) you have to post a reply to some sort of question or discussion regarding a topic that you were covering on that particular week. And if you are like me, and a very slow typer, you know that those discussion boards can get very frustrating, especially if there is a minimum word count associated with them.

A quick way that I learned how to get through them is to use your smart phone. If you notice, on the keyboard of the smart phone, there is a little microphone button that you can press and you can actually speak into the phone and the smart phone types the words in for you. Last semester, I found this to be a saving grace for both of my classes, because they both had discussion boards. I am actually speaking this post right now just to give you an idea.

So the next time that you have an online college class that has discussion boards, remember this trick. All you have to do is login to the website on your smart phone and speak the discussions (and the replies) using the microphone on your smart phone.

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