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What would HP characters boggarts be?

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Honestly this is one of the most fascinating subjects for me, I have pondered this for so long, so I decided to see what you guys thought, tell me some of your guesses below! I have a few thoughts:

Voldemort - a corpse of himself, because his goal in life is to become immortal

Fred and George - probably each other dead, or injured

Dumbledore - maybe Aberforth dead? Or Harry dead? Or Voldemort reigning?

Sirius - Harry dead

Luna - I definitely want people to tell me what you think Luna would see!!! It took a long time for me, but I think her father dead!

Harry - Ginny dead???? Or Ron or Hermione, I really don't know


Anyway, guys, tell me what you think, or what boggarts you think they would have!

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