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Teen Choice Awards 2017

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Emma won all the awards she was nominated for.


Choice Fantasy Movie Actress (#ChoiceFantasyMovieActress)
Emma Watson – Beauty and the Beast
Choice Drama Movie Actress (#ChoiceDramaMovieActress)
Emma Watson – The Circle
Choice MovieShip (#ChoiceMovieShip)
Emma Watson & Dan Stevens – Beauty and the Beast
Choice Liplock (#ChoiceLipLock)
Dan Stevens & Emma Watson – Beauty and the Beast
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It's sort of cute, but those awards are so rigged I can't make myself care. They have those teens voting for weeks in order to promote the show, and in the end the producers choose who wins. How boring.

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She probably didn't go back she has nothing to promote. Usually when she goes to awards like these (lame ones) it's around when she's promoting her movies.

True true, I just love seeing her outfits lol

Would have been cute to see her with more pics with the Stranger Things cast too. Their so cute lol

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It's a bit sad she's not doing the B&B thing till the end. It's not the biggest show of the year but then B&B is not Golden Globes or Oscar worthy, so the "fans award" would have been nice, especially when she gets 4 awards. She could have sung the song.


I just wonder what's happening, cause if I remember well she said in an interview (I believe the long one on facebook, the 40min long one) that taking the job was no joke as she had to be able to promote the movie, sing the songs, etc ... Many things around just actually acting in the movie. (If I remember well she said that when people asked about Lala Land and the fact people doubted her ability to sing and handle the role). So she knew there had to be public appearances, like when Frozen came out Kristen sang with a live orchestra for Disney, etc. 


Well, the movie's out, and we have nothing. We had the premieres, because of course... And that's all. 


Don't misunderstand me, I follow Emma since many years and i'm not just a foolish fan believing in unicorns, I read/know/understand she just can't stand the star system anymore, she wishes to stay as lowkey as she can, she just would like to spread knowledge and have interesting conversations instead of silly interviews (yes, sometimes the questions are just repetitive and bland). So I know that, that's not what I mean when I say "I wonder what's happening". I mean that for a high budget Disney production, she must have signed a big contract implying she had to do all this, the other work, not just behind the camera.


Oh and please don't read my message as if I was bitter, I admit I'm a bit disappointed cause I admire her work for feminism and I wish I heard more of her, but I'm just here putting questions and thoughts I have in mind, I'm not angry or anything. 

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