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I am behind Emma Watson on this bullying issue

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Hi my name is Tony. I am behind Emma Watson on this bullying issue. Sexual Harassment, Violence against women, bullying everywhere has to stop. The world is out of control completely. In my opinion this is why there are so many killings everywhere. Everybody has to stand up for each other. We will never solve this problem if people don't come together. That means everybody has to take up for each other. Women, Men, Boys and Girls has to take up for each other or this will never stop. There are people that care and people that don't care. This is what I call bullies. There are bullies everywhere. If in school or not.   

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there have been times im my 35 years in life that i have bullied pepole who are either weeker our who i khow whont harm me and i really regret it its just to really make are selves feal big and saperiour. but I have learnd that I was none of those things if any thing I am the weak one. I am also ashamed to say that I have sexuly harassed in the past no gropeing our any thing like that just wispering sweet nothings under my breath to see if the women was intristed and a thing that was way to bad and embarising to menchin  but in my defence I am a sqizofranic and have a personality disorder and all of this hertassment was at hospital were you are suppost to get treatment for my disorder but I know that it was uncalled for. I all so never had a girl freand and am still a vergin witch thes days I am happy I am still a vergin . I have made a lot of bad mastakes in my life I hope to rectivie them soon.

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