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Pssssssh midnight showing all the way, you get the craziest most dedicated HP fans during those times. The real question is to dress up or to not dress up!

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^Exactly my thoughts.


I always wanted to go to the premieres but yeah they cost waaaay too much. Which is a shame :(

Awhh trust me if i had the chance to be in a premiere i wouldn't mind the money. But i live so far from there ;( And on top of that all the movies in my country come out on theaters aprox 1-2 weeks after the premiers. And i can't wait so much :(

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I just heard that they're already selling tickets for the 19th in my city! At last we get to see the movie at the same time as the world premiere goes! I'm getting mine today and I'm overly excited. I can't even believe how nervous in a good way I feel. It's coming closer and closer.

*off to watch trailer again*


Has nyone else got hold of tickets recently?

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