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The Bonnie Wright Thread

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  • 4 weeks later...

Bonnie is a very pretty woman. I love the closeup pic of her.


I suppose it's difficult for these actors to go on a set and do another movie. On HP even after they were older they were still probably taken care of because everyone had grown up with them and felt a personal responsibility toward them. They were looked out for by all the adults on HP for such a long time and over ten years had built a real family. Now they're expected to be adults and grown up and responsible for themselves and to develop an on screen relationship with new people. It's gotta be a bit unnerving.

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Wow, she looks amazing in these pics, especially the 5th one!!!

I can't wait to see her in a film where she gets more than 2 lines! (Yeah, all the HP directors haven't given her enough screen time AT ALL imo <_< )

I think she would be fantastic, the photos look great.

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Can't believe I haven't posted this yet:

UTA has signed two young British actresses: Bonnie Wright, aged 19, who has appeared in all the Harry Potter films as Ginny Weasley, and Ella Purnell, aged 14 co-stars Never Let Me Go, Ways To Live Forever, The Intrud



UTA (United Talent Agency):



Explains that one tweet back in September of Bonnie being spotted in LA.


And Bonnie did a Christmas reading for the Prince's Fund Children and the Arts concert which took place back on December 9th. Here's the pictures:









Also, here is the audio of her reading that aired on the radio on Christmas Eve:


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Tons of news since December. Bonnie attended the Rodial BEAUTIFUL Awards and she won an award for Best Edgy Award:




She attended the BAFTA Awards:






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She also modeled for Kate Eary at London Fashion Week, she walked the catwalk:

Bonnie Wright of Harry Potter fame was enlisted as one of the female models and she did a great job walking in the ridiculous (but also amazing) heels. Her Twilight actor fiancée Jamie Cambell-Bower was in the front row to lend his support and he was obviously very impressed with his lady, how adorable!

I knew I was in for a treat when I received the invitation for Katie Eary's autumn/winter 2011 show. The invite promised 'the monster walks', and a creepy image of frankenstein's monster, along with some classic spooky fonts which had me intrigued. The collection was said to be inspired by the book 'Elephants on Acid and Other Bizarre Experiments' by Alex Boese (the Frankenstein chapter of course), but there were horror and pop culture references a plenty. The models (both male and female) wore frakenstein bolt jewellery around their necks and some even had 'stitched' up cheeks. The final walk saw all the models strut their stuff wearing giant bunny masks, not unsimilar to the cult character of Frank in Donnie Darko.

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Thanks for keeping us updated KAG!


Bonnie is so stunning, I hope she continues modelling, she seems like such a natural at it.


The V&A shoot is particularly beautiful and I love the BAFTA photos.


Also well done Bonnie for winning the Best Edgy award, I'm so glad she got the recognition she deserves!

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Me again, she's attending the Empire Awards tomorrow so keep an eye out for photos and new still from her new film 'Geography of the Hapless Heart'




On the facebook page they updated saying in a few weeks we should be getting an official trailer for the film. Can't wait to see it! :D

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shes really gorgeous :) i didnt know she was shooting a new film. thats exiting news! and i love how she looked at the BAFTA awards.

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New film in the works, though hasn't be confirmed by her reps yet. Though Jamie her bf mentioning going to Indonesia for vacation this month which happens to be where they're shooting the film and also when they start filming as well and the source is legit:

The Philosophers

In an international school in Jakarta, a philosophy class is having its last session. The professor challenges twenty-one graduating seniors to select ten who would take shelter underground and reboot the human race in the event of a nuclear attack. ~ Baseline StudioSystems


Rhys Wakefield - James

Ben Chaplin - Professor Zimit

Bonnie Wright - Georgina



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She confirmed her new film role! She's playing Georgina and they start filming in June:

Do you plan to continue on with acting?

I'm in my second year of college at the University of London, University of the Arts at the moment doing film. And I start a new film in June this year that's an American film set in Jakarta in Indonesia, and I think there are two other Australian actors meant to be in it, Rhys Wakefield and Sophie Lowe.


Right now, my hunger and drive is to really play as many diverse roles as possible. And I think when you're with a character for 10 years, it's an awfully long time. For me now, opportunities have very much opened up, so it's just seizing the right ones and choosing everything right.



and another thing, her and Jamie's reps confirmed they are engaged! Bonnie is getting married!

On a slightly relevant note: while SnitchSeeker generally doesn't report on the actors' personal lives, unless they discuss it in interviews, given the fact that publicists have confirmed it, we shall announce it as well. Actor Jamie Campbell Bower stated in an interview earlier this month that he is indeed engaged to be married to Bonnie Wright.


Access Hollywood got confirmation from Jamie's reps about it being true; and SnitchSeeker just received word from Bonnie's reps that she is indeed engaged right now. Congratulations to the couple!



and this:


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