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I have been in awe looking around this forum there are so many talented people and some brilliant graphics. I thought that I would finally make a showcase for my own. I think that my own graphics are quite plain, but I enjoy doing them and I want to improve so hopefully this thread and comments I get will help me do that.


But for those who don't know me, a little introduction....


Name: Darren or Dazza

Age: 27

Graphics: Started around 2003/2004

Programme: Microsoft Photodraw (part of Office 2000) but it's limited and kind of old now, would like to get into Photoshop

Posting: Wallpapers, Avatars, Signatures and one or two other things

About me: I love music, football, Harry Potter and photograpy.


I think that my recent graphics are a lot better than my old ones, I haven't done any of Emma in the last year or so (except my current signature) but I will get back to it. I will post my more recent ones later in the thread as I want to get my old ones out the way first.


The first lot of graphics I am going to post are very old starting from around 2004 onwards. I thought I had lost them forever but managed to recover them when I remembered I used to use uploadit to store everything. Here are a set of wallpapers, banners and avatars of Emma, I will post links to three of the better ones of each and then a link to a slideshow (as there are loads)





You can see the rest here - http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v297/dazza_stoke/Emma%20Watson/Emma%20Avatars/





You can see the rest here - http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v297/dazza_stoke/Emma%20Watson/Emma%20Signatures/





You can see the rest here - http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v297/dazza_stoke/Emma%20Watson/Emma%20Wallpapers/


I hope to keep this thread regularly updated..

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