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Harry Potter Tattoos

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I now have a tattoo and I wish to have more.


I would love to have a HP related tattoo, but I don't really know why. I can't seem to find a good idea that would be beautiful and king of 'original'.

I ABSOLUTELY don't juge other people tattoos, now that I have one I fully realize how much it's personal. It's just that I don't want for example the DH symbol, because even though it fully reprensents HP, it's the same tattoo as many fans do, and it doesn't represent an idea that I want inked in my skin (you know, the power to be almighty, the power to fight death, etc, are not symbols that I feel related too, though I loved that aspect of the DH story in the context of HP).


Saying that, I say a good 'well done' to anyone that was able to undestand what I mean haha


Sometimes I see extrmely beautiful HP tattos, and I think 'oh why didn't I think of that before seeing this picture ???' because I kind forbid myself to copy an original idea, even though I fully accept the fact that i suck at imagining artistic drawings, and that other people are much more able than me to produce a great graphic idea. 


Anyway, I though of the timeturner.

And YES it's very common and already seen haha I'm so not coherent. But it represents time, and it was for Hermione a possibility to hard work, to give her the means to acheive her goals to learn a lot on many subjects. Even though it was about 'cheating with time' and being unrealistic and not accepting our human limits, it was about being committed to an idea, and about working hard. 


But I take the time to think about it. 

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