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And then, this is the dog I really dislike:


^ It's called Afghan. And, also, I dislike the Shih tzu >.<


By the way, these dogs are considered as some of the less inteligent and more disobedient dogs; but, of course, they can be trained.

Imagine how difficult it would be to keep their fur unknotted :mellow:

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My oldest dog Prince was a mix of a greyhound and a bull terrier. He was the loveliest dog in the entire world. We'd had him since he was 10 months old. He died in December 2009, aged 15. Towards the end of his life, his legs just wouldn't work anymore so my dad had to carry him everywhere. One night/early morning, at around 3am, my dad could hear him howling so he went down to check on him. He died in his arms.

Whilst we still had Prince, we had another dog. She was a jack russell and her name was Sunshine (full name being Missy Sunshine Daisy :P ). Prince was bigger than her, but she was the one bullying him, aha (she slept in his big bed whilst he had to curl up in her tiny one :lol: ) She ran away. (a few years ago)

Caesar and Scamp were my stepdad's dogs. Caesar was a black labrador and Scamp was a terrier of some sort, I don't actually know. They grew up together. Caesar ran away, and Scamp went soon after. (a few years ago)

Then there was our English Springer Spaniel, Charlie. He'd not been well for a while, so we took him to the vet thinking someone had probably poisoned him (the people living around us at the time weren't the nicest). He was put down on the morning of my mother's birthday. (a few years ago)


Now I have two dogs. A two year old jack russell named Tag (born December 1st 2008). She's lovely, but REALLY protective. She's not too fond of my stepdad :P Then I have a one year old whippet named Chloe (born August 19th, 2009). She's really quiet, doesn't bark a lot, but she's really clingy xD NO ONE is allowed upstairs unless she's there too. You can't go anywhere without her :P



These are my favourite breeds of dog:







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i'm getting this kind someday and it will be a girl :) named Duchess




I love Poms and my neighbor downstairs has a chihuahua named Chico he's my baby :) I walk him a lot and he so adorable

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i have two dogs -


I got 1 daschund, named Sam. he's very sweet..only cares about food though..



then i have a border collie sheep dog called Scampi - she is the most amazing dog ever...and she adores watching TV and my brother playing video games


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Aussies (Australian Shepherds) are my favourite dogs ever, they just look amazing and are very very smart, I could talk about them the whole night...

So let's see them :P











I'm in love with them :wub:

Sorry for the double post, but I ran out of time to edit <_<


That's a beautiful dog Emm@, they look very sweet :)



Here's my dog, it's a Shi-Tzu for any Shi-Tzu haters out there :puh:. She is very, very smart and bright. So, :puh::P


Looking at me:







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My dad use to have Labrador retrievers because he hunt, but I think someone took our last dog Felix and then dad got to know he was at the veterinary a week later. It was really weird, but dad had to put him down since he was injured.


Felix <3



But if I get a dog someday it will be a pug.

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Cutest, thing, evaar! :P

That looks JUST like my dog did when she was a puppy :D Except a bit more white on the face (but the same brown cheeks and eye brows and black ears etc), and not so many black spots on her body :P When they're older, they're quite hypo :P Definitely not a house dog :doh:

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