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Happy Birthday Smile =)

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Happy Birthday Noura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ohyeah::lol::ohyeah:


Your friendship means so much to me!!! Thank you for making each day I get to chat with you a little bit better than those days we do not get to talk to one another!


I hope you get many amazing presents and receive all the happiness and love you give, not just today, but throughout the year!!! *hugs*


I tried to make you some cupcakes... I hope you like them!!!


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Awwwww thanks Jon for the thread *hugs* and the really cute sheepish cupcakes *hands cupcakes around* :D

Thank you all guys for the birthday wishes you're all awesome *hugs* :D <3

And Alex! I miss you alot too girl!! glad to see you around the place again :D and thanks alooot for the cute cupcake! you're sweet <3

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