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The Ron and Hermione Thread

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Merry Christmas yall!!! :) Been busy with family and stuff...hope everyone had a great one!! Joanne, that graphic again

R O C K S!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


HAPPY 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks dear ! I'll make for you a signature if you want ! HP for ever !!! :ohyeah: :ohyeah: :ohyeah:

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Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, my dear R/Hr friends. My Christmas was great (too much to eat though. LOL. Diet is the word for the new year). My computer was at the repair shop but now I have it back and can reconnect with the rest of the world.


I have the week off and am enjoying a kind of HP marathon. Well, not really marathon since I watch one film per day. Tonight it's time for GoF. Hope you all have a great time too. :D



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Happy New Year to all my fellow R/Hr shippers!!! Been sick :( Dang colds wont leave this year for w/e reason!! Anyway hope everyone had a great one!! Galadriel, no worries!!! We are still here and will be here a long time to come ;) Joanne yes please!! :)

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Awww, so beautiful. *sigh* I know I've said it time and again, but Ron/Hermione is one of the big classical love stories. *swoon*


I'm completely agree!! :yesyes:


Well, I'm going to the beach for a week, so I'll be out. See you soon!! :)

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