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Hey Mrs. Grint!!! :) Welcome! :) We love long time members so post away! DW...I know!! I don't get to post as often either but when I can it is so much fun reading what yall write :)


Jon...FREAKIN AWESOME POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Everything ya said was just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)


  To this day I say this to Yates: THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU for this scene....Hermione's look of love in her eyes-she is wanting to go with him but is like "my boyfriend can do this himself-go get him Ron!" ;-) Ron's look OMG....he looks like he wants to KILL. GUH I LOVE ROMIONE!!!! ;)

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I know isn't it??? ;)


  Can I just say how beautiful this is? :)


Credit to amazing hjeanweasleytumblr


  I just want to analyze each pic...this...look how in love he with his girl...and how patient she is being her man.


  Hermione was just tortured almost to death and is exhausted...she knows if she doesn't get out of the way, she will be killed by the chandelier...she trusts Ron more than life and knows he will catch her...also EVERYONE in that room, including Harry scattered (I would have done the same thing if I was Harry) EXCEPT Ron-he didn't care if he got hurt-he put his life in danger to rescue the woman he loves.


 I mean COME ON....all they need is to touch each other's hands/be near each other and that makes them both happy for now :-)


 They have both lost their best friend (so they believe) but they never leave each other's side.


 They don't know if they will be killed but all they know is they will go together.


 A husband comforting his wife...the way she leans her head on his shoulder and he strokes her hair. GUH....



GIGI I KNOW!!!!!!! :) Wasn't it...the first time I saw this I was rolling!!! :)

Superb compilation of GIFs.. Thank you for sharing..


I love the last one, the moment at Shell Cottage where Ron holds Hermione, as she finds solace in his shoulders- this moment parallels the HBP6 Book moment at Dumbledore's funeral. I am so happy that they included the shot for Dobby's funeral at least.... Does anyone have a front view pic of this scene?




R/Hr forever....

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I was re- reading OOTP the other night and I chanced upon this cute R/Hr moment which I had not noticed during my previous reads:


“Christmas before last Sirius gave me a knife that’ll open any lock,â€
said Harry. “So even if she’s bewitched the door so Alohomora won’t
work, which I bet she has —â€
“What do you think about this?†Hermione demanded of Ron, and
Harry was reminded irresistibly of Mrs. Weasley appealing to her husband
during Harry’s first dinner in Grimmauld Place.



Harry knew it long before that they would end up together...:)

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That quote ROCKS!!!! :) Trixie so agree!!! Omg I don't even remember that! LOL...But yes even Harry knew...that is why I chuckle at Harry and Hermione shippers.


I don't believe I ever saw a front view of them holding each other at Shell Cottage....if anyone has, post!! :)

What I love/adore about the SC R/Hr moment is it is such a tender, sweet moment.



rhrshipper welcome here!!! Love your screen name ;)


ROMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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Harry and Ginny are real soul mates," she said. "They’re both very strong and very passionate. That’s their connection, and they’re remarkable together. Ron and Hermione, however, are drawn to each other because they balance each other out. Hermione’s got the sensitivity and maturity that’s been left out of Ron, and Ron loosens up Hermione a bit, gets her to have some fun. They love each other and they bicker a bit, but they enjoy bickering, so we shouldn’t worry about it. âž

- J. K. Rowling (via jilywaswandless


Ok so just let me say this...I love how JKR says that about Harry/Ginny (even though the movies sadly didn't show it). But what I love is how she goes on and on about Romione....I think it is pretty safe to say JKR's more of a ROMIONE shipper than anything ;)

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Harry and Ginny are real soul mates," she said. "They’re both very strong and very passionate. That’s their connection, and they’re remarkable together. Ron and Hermione, however, are drawn to each other because they balance each other out. Hermione’s got the sensitivity and maturity that’s been left out of Ron, and Ron loosens up Hermione a bit, gets her to have some fun. They love each other and they bicker a bit, but they enjoy bickering, so we shouldn’t worry about it. âž

- J. K. Rowling (via jilywaswandless


Ok so just let me say this...I love how JKR says that about Harry/Ginny (even though the movies sadly didn't show it). But what I love is how she goes on and on about Romione....I think it is pretty safe to say JKR's more of a ROMIONE shipper than anything ;)


Kristin, your statment that, " I think it's pretty safe to say JKR's more of a ROMIONE shipper than anything" is really interesting to me.   That you and I are Ron and Hermione shippers is clear.. but does Joanne Rowling really feel that way?  I'm not sure if it is my id, ego or superego that wished Jo Rowling read our threads, but on the remarkably slim chance that she would respond to a question here... the following question is one I'd love to ask her... "if forced to choose, then which HP relationship personally took precedence when writing the HP books, and WHY?".  To most people this question would probably be entirely irrelevant... MAYBE it would be irrelevant to Joanne Rowling too... but she put sooooo much thought and love into the series that I would not put the minutia of details beyond her.  Did she consider the relationships equally?  Did she in fact feel stronger about Hermione/Ron bond then she did about the Harry/Ginny bond?  I THINK... even though I do not have the quote ready here.... that she once said that Harry and Hermione COULD have ended up together. Was that comment made simply to appease the H/H fandom?  Did JKR make that comment to DEFEND Harry against the Hermione/Ron shippers?  Which she should not have to do. 


Harry IS the chosen one.  Not just by his scar... as he's the chosen one by Ms. Rowling too.  It IS HIS STORY.  Which is not to suggest JKR cares for any of the other characters less.  I simply mean to say that to develop a character as the CENTER of a literary universe likely indicates that Harry means a lot to her.


AS SUCH... I always wanted to know how strongly JKR felt about the choices she made in the HP relationships.  I would think it's disengenous to suggest she did not give it a good deal of consideration.  It's clear that the HP world was and is so intricately considered and developed in her mind (at least in my opinion).  (or perhaps it's just my analysis that takes it to an extreme) 


So without knowing her answer here's mine...


I know it's a bit of a cop out.. .but I think she considered the Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione relationships equally.  I would think that the characters are something like children to her.  I love both choices she made even though the Ron/Hermione relationship means more to me personally.  I think that JKR is just as much a Harry/Ginny shipper as she is a Ron/Hermione shipper.  I think her choices were calculated too.  It's part of why I so admire JKR.  FOUR choices were made.  I think it's important to remember that and it's an important message that JKR sent.  Harry..who most people would identify as the HERO (and understandably so) chooses to be with a girl who is somewhat overlooked in Ginny (at least relative to Hermione).  Hermione who is the main female character chooses to be with the guy (Ron) who while brave and heroic would not hold the same mantle as the hero (The Chosen One).  Ginny also chose to be with Harry and Ron also chose to be with Hermione.  If she had wanted to JKR could have made those relationships firm and set in stone from the start.. but she didn't.  She proved the depth of personality and feeling and character for all four by placing challenges and stepping stones in the way.  Why is that so great?  Becauce, unlike so many other fictional relationships... it's reality.  Love isn't perfect... it isn't Disney Love... love in real life is Harry Potter love.  It's imperfect... which doesn't take anything away from it in my mind... it just makes it real.  Ginny's original attracation to Harry might be described as Puppy love or something of a celebrity crush.  Once she got to know Harry and know other boys, she realized that Harry was worth loving not because he was a Hero, but because of everything else that he was which essentially equalled = a really great guy, who put others before himself.  Ron chose the girl who challenged him.  He tried out the girl who was attracted to the Quidditch hero, but realized that she was not the girl who loved him for him.  


To look at Emma Watson (NO FAULT OF EMMA's mind you) is not to do Hermione justice (simply from a looks perspective).  While Emma Watson is beautiful we should remember that Hermione was not exactly physically described in the books as Emma Watson is in reality.  When remarking upon physical appearance the books made note of Hermione's overbite and frizzy hair much more that the physical attributes that Ms. Watson possesses. I am not saying that Emma was miscast.  Just that the movies want a different look than books might describe sometimes.  Ron fell in love with a smart, intellectual and deeply caring girl who had a strong sense of right and wrong (thankfully for Emma Watson she's that too --- GOSH some people seem to have it all don't they? LOL).  My point though is... Hermione in the books was not Emma Watson.  Just like Ron in the books was not Rupert Grint.  He was taller and skinnier and not as physically attractive as Rupert Grint in my mind.  (Again, it's nice that Rupert in real life is as great a guy as Ron is, hopefully without the insecurities).  Back to the point though.. .Ron and Hermione fell in love with one another for the whole package.  That's true of Harry and Ginny too.  It's all about what two people see and appreciate in one another.  If the prettiest people ended up with the pretties people and the smartest people ended up with the smartest people in real life... then the world would look a lot different then it does now.   


Kristin: I did not mean to pick apart a small comment you made... I simply saw an opportunity to expand upon my own views of the HP relationships.


How I wish JKR would let me know exactly how she felt about it.  Come on Ms. Rowling... please shoot me down.. or throw me a bone here.  lol  

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Oh Jon, what a beautiful post. I agree completely - I think the main relationships are equal in JK's eyes, because as you said, the characters are like her children, or even like parts of her. She wants the best for all of them. All the HP relationships are so different, unique to the characters within them - perhaps she has her favourite aspects of different relationships (perhaps she enjoys R/Hr's banter for example, or values the understated caring of H/G), but overall each is so special in its own way that it seems almost unfair to compare them. The only way to really do that is in terms of the story - the most vital romantic relationship IMO is that between James/Lily/Snape. It could be argued that Harry/Ginny are more important than R/Hr because he is, after all, the main character, but at the same time R/Hr's relationship (or its build up, at least) enjoys a lot more page-time - that's the one we follow the most throughout the books, which is possibly why it is the favourite of many fans. Personally though, I believe that it is the collaboration of so many relationships - both romantic and platonic - within the HP series which really gives it its heart and soul. A major theme in the series is love, and I don't think that could be conveyed half as well were there only one or two relationships portrayed in the books. The relationships of the Dursleys, Weasleys, Potters, Riddles, Gaunts etc etc are all vital in building a web of highly-developed characters who are essential not just in their own subplots, but in the way they affect Harry purely by knowing him. That, to me, is the beauty of Harry Potter, and why the series has a popularity like few others.

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Ugh you two...you make me see things in a different light did ya know! :)


Jon, your comments were gold...I had my comments typed to respond to you and the lousy computer shut down and I didn't want to rewrite my very long message ;)


I love R/Hr from the books but fell in love with R/Hr on screen...I am not going to lie. I read the books (OOTP-DH) before I saw the movies. I loved the relationship between R/Hr in those and then seeing how R/E brought them to life with their freakin amazing chemistry was just the cherry on top ;)


With that said, I saw the movies when R/Hr were younger and then read the books and loved them even more as I read their journey to each other. So yes R/Hr relationship was more evident and pronounced in books/movies. As a result, I am a HUGE ROMIONE shipper and nothing else.


But yes the point made about all relationships-was beautiful...The Potters/Snape for example- loved Harry very much, Snape loved Harry thru his love for Lily. The Lupins (Tonks and Remus) loved Teddy and each other so much but were willing to die for each other. Hermione loved her parents so much that she didn't trust no one to keep them safe but her so she erased her parents' memories. The WEASLEYS-to me that is the epitome of a family-yes they are loud, fight, but in the end they stand up for the other and would do anything for each other (including for Hermione because they love her too which is why the brothers always gave her a hard time too LOL). Ginny/Harry-I saw it in the books definitely. But in the movies, you questioned it even in DH 1 and 2...I don't know if they were told to tone it down or what but the chemistry between Dan and Bonnie was not there which made it hard to cheer them on.


But yes HP is most definitely about good vs. evil yet is mostly truly about relationships.

 Just had to place this in here ;) R/Hr in this scene kill me...I watched DH 2 last night and to see them holding onto each other like this, knowing they were going to die but would die with each other in each other's arms...KILLED ME. Credit to awesome hjweasley tumblr :)

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Do we know when Ron and Hermione got engaged? I know while the Yule Ball was not a particularly happy memory for them, I always attached the magic of the Christmas season with the Harry Potter Books. Didn't Ron and Hermione spend a winter break or two together? Or am I making stuff up now... (don't put that past me...haha) I always imagined they got engaged on Christmas. I don't know if JKR ever mentioned when they got engaged. If she hasn't, I'm gonna say Christmas Day! So there! :tongue0020:

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Thank you cbmac...



I have been having loads of  free time this month and I straight away started on a HP Book Marathon reading.. Finished re-reading 4 books over the past week and starting with OOTP now.. While re-reading, I came across many cute and little R/HR moments which I have never noticed before. And it is so obvious after the Yule Ball that Ron and Hermione and going to be together,..!!!!! While reading the scene after the Yule Ball, when Ron and Hermione have a heated squabble in the Gryffindor common room, I just shouted out "Oh Ron! Why dont you just say that you love Hermione right there !!!!!"


Loved the transition from Ron idolizing Krum to Ron ripping off the miniature Krum model after the Yule Ball..!!

Hermione's scowls and frowns when Fluer kissed Ron after the 2nd task and when she smiled at Ron before leaving for her school in the end, are so cute...



In my opinion, Yule Ball was the turning point in Ron and Hermione's relationship.. . Simply love the couple.. RHR forever....

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Jon and Trixie, I agree...I think because Christmas was always a special time for the Weasleys that R/Hr would pick that holiday to get engaged...maybe too it would erase the bad memories of Lavender during that time (since R/Hr were not speaking to each other during that time)....So yeah I agree CHRISTMAS they are officially engaged ;)


rhrshipper...you are welcome and LOVE WHAT YOU SAID!!!!!!!!!!!! The first comment-I am so with you...it was after I saw GoF and then read it (I started reading the books first after watching GoF) that R/Hr were IT ;) his jealousy over Krum...her own jealousy over Fleur...was LOVE for each other.


I mean when you see that (movie 1 also has a similar quote-"she's a nightmare! Honestly! No wonder she doesn't have any friends") to movie 7 you wrote above "are you mad....leave Hermione? We wouldn't last two days without her!" Every time I see that I say to Ron "uh no Ron, YOU wouldn't last 2 days without her because she is the love of your life and you wouldn't be able to be away from her for more than an hour" ;)


ROMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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After completing yet another re-read of HP series, I now realize how beautifully JKR has portrayed the evolving relationship between Ron and Hermione. I found lots of lots of instances towards the end when we see


Take this particular instance:


DH Chapter 15: Goblin's Revenge


“My mother,†said Ron one night, as they sat in the tent on a
riverbank in Wales, “can make good food appear out of thin air.â€


“Your mother can’t produce food out of thin air,†said Hermione.
“No one can. Food is the first of the five Principal Exceptions to
Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfigur —â€
“Oh, speak English, can’t you?†Ron said,


This was when Ron was under the influence of the horcrux. Ron initially used to be a kind of person who doesnt value bookish knowledge much and just scoffs at Hermione teasing her as a "Know-It-All". But towards the end he transforms to a person who respects Hermione's knowledge and remembers it.


DH Chapter 29: The Lost Diadem.


“It’s quite straightforward, really,†said Neville modestly. “I’d
been in here about a day and a half, and getting really hungry, and
wishing I could get something to eat, and that’s when the passage
to the Hog’s Head opened up. I went through it and met Aberforth.
He’s been providing us with food, because for some reason, that’s
the one thing the room doesn’t really do.â€

“Yeah, well, food’s one of the five exceptions to Gamp’s Law of
Elemental Transfiguration,†said Ron to general astonishment.



I loved this little moment very much. Just like how Ron remembered this, he remembers about Basilsik fangs being able to destroy Horcruxes(Hermione says this at The Burrow), he remebers how house elves' magic and wizarding magic are different(in No 12 Grimmauld Place) and finally about house elves needing to be evacuated(this finally spurred Hermione to give him the epic kiss !!!!).


I simply love the way in which JKR has portrayed the evolution of this relationship by being attentive to even seemingly small aspects of the relatonship..


In fact it is a commendable job by her to have carved out a splendid love story as a subplot of this series, in a book which is presented in the POV of another person(Harry). Hence we do not get to know of the emotions that transpire through the minds of our couple. Nonetheless, the relationship has been portrayed in a realistic and charming way....


R/Hr FOREVER.....................

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rhrshipper...I LOVE this....I never even thought of looking at it like this!!!!! :)


I mean you nail it!!!! When it looks like Ron was not paying attention to Hermione, HE REALLY WAS....that is why Hermione looks so shocked in DH2 in the scene about the RoR not being on the map "you said that last year"...I mean her look...in the movie, Hermione looks like she wants to jump on Ron again and resume their hot make out scene ;)


Agree 100%!!!!!!!!!!!! The relationship was VERY real...it was not some fairytale when the knight comes in and rescues the damsel and is all "my hero and they live happily ever after"...no it is You are a complete arse for leaving me....Always the tone of surprise...she's barmy/mental....I LOVE THEM because they are SO freakin real-but then you also have "LEAVE HIM! DONT TOUCH HER!....they would die for each other-they were speaking up to get the other off the other in the Snatcher scene....ROMIONE is just the best and to be honest I don't get how anyone cant see that.....



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Thanks cbmac...


As you said, R/Hr are just perfect for each other...





I am not a big fan of the movies, but a hard core fan of the books. And I am very happy that JKR made the couple so endearing....


Another cute thing I loved is:


HP and the Socerer's stone:


“Yes — of course — but there’s no wood!†Hermione cried,
wringing her hands.
“HAVE YOU GONE MAD?†Ron bellowed. “ARE YOU A
“Oh, right!†said Hermione, and she whipped out her wand,
waved it, muttered something



HP and the Deathly Hallows:



“How — how’re we going to get in?†panted Ron. “I can — see
the place — if we just had — Crookshanks again —â€
“Crookshanks?†wheezed Hermione, bent double, clutching her
chest. “Are you a wizard, or what?â€
“Oh — right — yeah —â€
Ron looked around, then directed his wand at a twig on the
ground and said, “Wingardium Leviosa!†The twig flew up from
the ground, spun through the air as if caught by a gust of wind,
then zoomed directly at the trunk through the Willow’s ominously
swaying branches. It jabbed at a place near the roots, and at once,
the writhing tree became still.
“Perfect!†panted Hermione. 



This is soo cute...:) 

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I just went all HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :happydance::ohyeah::yesyes:


rhrshipper and Junkie-this just ROCKS...I mean I love how true this is... "you know son there was this annoying girl etc...so what did you do dad? You call her mom ;) But I prefer the "I married her" ;)


ROMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey cbmac,


I dont know it could be from a fanfic, I found it in another forum and thought of sharing it here..


Hermione's response would be "I met this most insensitive wart who had the emotional range of a tea-spoon"..."And finally ended up marrying him..




I always love the way the "insensitive wart" fell for the "nightmare"... Kudos to JKR for having portrayed a gradually evolving and realistic love story in the background of all the adventure and action...


R/Hr forever......

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Well you rock for sharing it here :) what you said is sooo spot on dead on- insensitive wart and the nightmare falling for each other ;)

Major props to JKR for this amazing love story :) like you said the evolution of it was so perfect- incredibly realistic and incredibly beautiful!!! :)


ROMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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