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Could somebody make a signature that says "RESPECT" for me, with this picture?



And if you also have time for a wallpaper with these two pictures, I would be eternally grateful :)




(If the pictures are too small and inconvenient, that picture will do: http://www.emmamedia.net/displayimage.php?album=553&pos=1)



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They aren't the riginal images you wanted, but as you posted the link i'm guessing you want those one's now? I'll do it now. (: What size do you want this wallpaper?


It may take you long to reply. I'll make it my wallpaper size and if it needs resizeing i'll do it.

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Hello !


Would it be possible to request a wallpaper, with some personnal pictures ? I'd like something simple, you don't need to use the whole space with those pictures.


Size: 1024x600 pixels







Without any text, and the color which inspire you ;-)


Thanks a lot.

And it's always a pleasure to look at your graphics !!!

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