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Best Laptop Brands?

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I think Apple is the worst brand going. They're so expensive and so rubbish. Most people buy them to look cool or to say "Look at me I have an Apple laptop." Just... NO. The only thing Apple is good for is the ipod.


I myself don't think i've had a decent laptop. I go through 2 a year. I've had all the good brands and none of them have lasted. The most i've spent on one is £809 the least i've spent on one is £499. I know what to look for in laptop's so it's not like I buy rubbish one's in the first place. It's just me over using them.


At the moment i'm using a Compaq, it's lasted 5 months and the screens broke and the battery is dead, won't turn on without the charger in. This laptop was £648, but it's quality of the laptop not money.

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