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colour photography was developed before black and white photography.


The internet was the result of a US DoD project


The WWW was made by scientists at CERN to make sharing data easier


The British invented concentration camps


Apple OS was based on Unix


Southhampton while being in the same time zone and country, has sunrise 30 minutes before London


Cold Fusion of a sort, is a proven concept


Absolute 0 is -273.27 degrees C


-40 Celcius is -40 Farenheit

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You need to be shorter than 6’3†in order to get a job as an astronaut.


Penguins have been known to become depressed and march away from their groups to die.


A “lexical gap†is when there SHOULD be a word for something, but there isn’t.


The White House is worth about $995 million.


1 in 14 Americans claim they would murder someone for 3 million dollars. - Great!!

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The wingspan of the bald eagle can reach 6’6†– an inch shorter than Michael Phelps’ outstretched arms.


Olympic gold medals actually contain only 1.34% gold.


More people live in caves now than ever did during the Stone Age.

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the 1970s Six Million Dollar Man is the only television show to ever appear on all three major broadcast networks, CBS, ABC, and NBC, as a running tv series, tv movies, and crossover episodes with another tv show.(Bionic Woman)

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is propecia worth it abana voltaren o ibuprofeno para la gota In 2011, a civil lawsuit brought against JPMorgan and otherbanks by Irving Picard, the trustee seeking to recover money forMadoff victims, cited internal emails in alleging that bankemployees ignored red flags of fraud, often to win more feesand commissions
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