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[quote name='ckravitz' timestamp='1298602253' post='68234']
Who are you under the mysterious mask of Who.Am.I??

I'm a simple person here to answer your humble questions and give you the fun of playing this game.

[quote name='swarley' timestamp='1298617052' post='68268']
where do you post the most?
how many languages do you know?

I post here and there.
There's alot of languages I know of. There's English, Japaness, Spanish, Arabic, German.. etc I just don't speak them all :D
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[quote name='Peter Pumpkinhead' timestamp='1298775664' post='69454']
have you been the Who.Am.I? before, either here or on another site?

what forum do you post most often in?


Yes I have been before.
I like to post here and there.
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