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Oh gosh I love the colours! Gives me a winter feel. (My favourite season)

Thanks Jade.


my number one absolute favorite right now and my favorite color Blue

Thank you.


very gentle ^_^ love it girl :wub:

Thanks Marta.


I love the colours too! Everything is perfect! But I feel if we saw more of her body it would look even nicer (unless the photo originally was neck and above) but I love it! It suits my mood so much right now

I was thinking on and off about that, I ended up covering it since it looked weird. Thank you Lindy.


That is soooo beautiful!! I LOVE the colours and the light feeling to it, and the white flower and the little lights and just... everything!

Thank you muffin.


:o your last 2 walls are absolutely stunning

Thank you Maria.


Wow that is absolutely beautiful. Although I don't like the white paperish flower thing. But since I'm drunk I'm starting to grow on it. It's perfect.

Hahaha thank you Kella.


This is really pretty! :) Love the blue!

Thank you Cath.



I can't believe I've been working on this wallpapers for weeks. I couldn't make it what I imagined it. But today I ended up back on the right track and tadaaaa it's done.


I'm just loving everything about it. I'm so proud it ended up this way. Leave you comments, love to hear what you think. :happydance:

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i hate you.. :tongue0020:

I love you even more


what Marta said hahaha


its AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Thank you dear


I'm so jealous. It's perfect. N'aww GIVE ME YOUR TALENT I SAY! O.o


Putting me jealousy aside. Gorgeous, amazing, adorable, bright and just plain (far from plain) perfect.

Aww Jade, thank you so much

*hide talent in a cave* now you can't find it hahaha

WOAH :wub: so incredible, perfect

Thank you Maria


That is fantastic! :o The colours are beautiful and I really love how you made it :wub: :wub:

Thank you Ellen.




I'm glad I made these in the last moment, I was so busy but I finished them.


Holiday gifts.


Part 1







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Part 2









Sorry if I forgot anyone, please let me know if I missed you.

And sorry for the huge size, I realized it was so big after I made them lol.

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Aww Jade, thank you so much <3

*hide talent in a cave* now you can't find it hahaha

Haha nooooo don't hide your talent. xD

OMGOSH! I love mine! I'm so obsessed with this anime at the moment I watched both seasons twice last week and I watched the film last night and after was like darn this I'm buying it so I ordered it today. :D Season 1 + 2 with the Live film and CD. I can't wait. >.<

Have you watched it?

Rambling on, sorry, thank you so much!


Happy holidays Boma and get well soon. :P

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