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Heeeeeeey errbody. I'm Anna, I've been around these lovely people since like 2004 or something. :]


I'm a freshman in college in NYC studying acting. Right now I'm studying theater, but I plan on acting for film.


What else about me hmmmmmm I love otters? Lawwwl and I am a YouTube Junkie so if you wanna check out my YT the links in my sig hahaa if any of you don't know me you should PM me if you feel to say WASSAAAPP!! ORRRRRR if you already DO know me and we just havent talked in tooooooo long, you should PM me and say WASSAAAPP!! Ahaha


Have a good day and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D

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Hello and Happy New Year :)

Hihi! HNY yourself! =D


Welcome to the forums :P

*gets all nervous* Gee thanks Mr Administrator Sir!




welcome to the forum!!!!


Bahaha, gracias.


hi anna, im felicia :)

Hellooooo felicia! Beautiful name. ^_^


Aww welcome back my lovely. I remember you from the old frum. I'm Jade. (:

Hello dahling! Yesyes I remember you as well, beautiful. <3

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