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argh, I know, sorry! I've been so busy the past couple of months but exams are nearly over now so a new update will be soon(ish)! :P


I will write more, I promise. I'll get it posted asap. Thanks all of you for your patience, I know I myself hate waiting for fanfic updates :P

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Ohmygosh I had almost forgotten about this...


So sorry guys! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and support... I will try and get round to updating... sometime... :P



Don't worry, I'll be sure to hold you to that! :D


Right now it's just Harry Potter and the Broken Hearts as we wait for the next update. :P

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^ Well your broken heart may just be about to mend!


Guess what?


Yep, in all serious, nearly a whole year later... we have an update!



*looks around at fainting bodies on the floor* ... erm... guuys?


Many apologies for the ridiculous delay. But I just found the time and (rare) inspiration. I hope this was worth the wait. Thank you for being so patient!








A gentle afternoon breeze softened the blistering heat of the summer sun. The heatwave that had covered much of England in the recent weeks was lessening, yet Ron had no wish to risk the less-than-desirable effect of the sun's rays on his delicate skin. He was in no mood for the irritating redness or Fred and George's inevitable impressions of lobsters... No. George's impressions. Just George's. Although, Ron thought, it would be rare these days to see George do an impression of anything. He sighed. High in the canopy which he had adopted as his own, Ron could forget. Or remember. Perhaps both, since both seemed to share the same pain once he descended from the treetops and reality flooded back to him.


It was an ancient oak on the edge of the orchard where Ron and his siblings had enjoyed countless games of quidditch where he had taken to spending a great deal of his time. The Burrow, despite the security and comfort which it gave him, had also become stifling. The fixed smile on his mother's face, the dark circles under his father's eyes, everything unsaid but all weighing down on them all; a curse, an invisible dementor hovering over them, which even their strongest patronuses could not vanquish.


There was plenty to keep them occupied. Mr Weasley, Bill and Percy each spent increasing amounts of time at the Ministry. This was in part due the sheer workload involved in rebuilding a fresh governing body and weeding out any remaining sources of corruption. Partly though, it also provided them with an excuse to escape the house, to escape the memory. Even Mrs Weasley, despite refusing to leave her home – and consequently Fred’s grave – was determined to play her part. However much Ron had complained of her nagging in the past, he could not help but admire her stubbornness in insisting that The Order continue to use The Burrow as their headquarters. Her smile was a little more forced, and her eyes a little more watery, but Mrs Weasley resolutely greeted every visitor with a bowl of soup and a sympathetic ear, running her household as clockwork as ever, and caring for her remaining chicks like the model mother hen. Ron saw the pain in her eyes each time one of her family left The Burrow, and felt the tightness of her embrace every time they returned. Although she fussed more than ever, the children’s remonstrances were fond and good-humoured. Each one knew exactly what it cost her each time one of them walked out of the door.


Ron and Harry spent more time at the Ministry than either would have thought bearable under the old administration. Harry’s opinion was wanted on everything, and Ron’s too was gaining a higher respect from more and more people. He didn’t much like getting involved in the details of policy and regulations – that was more Hermione’s sort of thing. He preferred it when he could be hands on. He liked to be doing something constructive, to feel some kind of progress was being made, whether it was searching out more of the scum that had infiltrated the Ministry or helping restore all the various houses and buildings which had been subject to the happy-cursing of a Death Eater’s wand.


The feeling of usefulness helped. For a few precious moments Ron could feel normal again. But he still saw every face round every corner, with every flash of fire, with every glint of the sun. And then it was like the locket had been forced back around his neck and hopelessness flooded into him even as Fred laughed in his mind. He couldn’t take the locket off. None of them could.

It was only Hermione who had the ability to relieve some of the burden, even if just for a little while. In all honesty, Ron didn’t think he could have got through the first few weeks without her. It was one of the reasons he kept returning to this tree; so he could feel a bit closer to her, feel comfort in the memory of her presence.




It had been a clear night, several days after the funeral. Ron wasn’t entirely sure how many. They all seemed to merge. He hadn’t been able to sleep, but then that had become habit. Instead, he had opted to dust off his old broom and go for a fly. The gentle breeze hit Ron’s face like icy water as he shot through it at speed. The rush of being on his broom again after so long, racing over the nearby fields, neither chasing nor being chased, but racing and turning as he wished, was exhilarating. If Ron could have chosen at that moment, he would have kept on flying and never stopped. But even the speed of the broom could not outrace his thoughts for long. Fred was flying with him, jeering at Ron for being too slow, setting the tail of his broom on fire, knocking obstacles in his direction with his beater’s bat. In annoyance Ron thrust his broom forward, he shouted back at Fred, he tried to knock him off his broom, but Fred simply grinned his same old grin. Then he took off, weaving in and out of trees so that Ron struggled to keep up with him. Then he was too far away. Ron called after him, but Fred just sped further away, triumphant in Ron’s inability to catch him. Then he vanished into the trees and Ron screamed after him until Fred’s last laugh stopped ringing in his ears.


Barely able to support himself on the broom, Ron lunged into the nearest tree, that same one on the edge of the orchard where he had sat every day since, and collapsed into the branches, clinging to the bark for dear life.

Hermione had seen him flying from the window of Ginny’s bedroom. There were few memories Ron treasured more than the sight of her ascending unsteadily towards him, her shaking hands gripping the handle of an old Cleansweep as if it were the Monster Book of Monsters. She alighted clumsily on his branch, hair wild in the breeze, but her eyes focused in grim determination.

Unsteady herself, she had somehow managed to lift him into a sitting position, leaning against the trunk, dabbing his eyes with her sweet-smelling handkerchief. Ron hadn’t even realised he’d been crying. Hermione sat with him all night, his head resting on her warm shoulder, her hand placed firmly over his, until Ron’s sobs subsided and he drifted into a deep sleep.

He woke not long before sunrise. Hermione’s eyes were closed, but as he stirred she opened them, and her brown eyes pierced his, filled with a mixture of concern and something more tender.


“How are you feeling?â€


Ron shrugged. The night was a blur, but her presence was soothing. Part of him – well, all of him – would have quite liked to stay in that tree with her forever, but he couldn’t. He could just glimpse the Burrow through a gap in the canopy ahead. His mother would be up soon. She was probably already up, busying herself with chores, feeding the chickens. By the time he got in breakfast would be on the table. Bacon and eggs and sausages. Tomorrow it would be the same. And the next day. And the next. Time would go on. There was no hiding from it. His family needed him. They would get through it together. For Fred.

Ron turned back to Hermione and found she was still watching him. He attempted half a smile and found it wasn’t so hard. She gave him a watery smile back as he squeezed her hand. Using Hermione’s handkerchief to wipe her own tears this time, something occurred to Ron. Glancing between the Burrow and her sorrowful expression, he made up his mind with a resolution and clarity he had not felt for a long time.


“We’re going to Australia.â€


Hermione looked at him, perplexed.




“We’re going to Australia. Your parents. We can find them, bring them back.â€


There were few times when Ron could recollect seeing Hermione speechless. She gaped at him now, her eyes filling with fresh tears, and before he knew it Ron had been thrown backwards, only narrowly saving his grip on the branch, as Hermione hugged him tightly.


“I have been thinking about it…†she said between sniffs, as she began to recover herself, “But it’s not fair – you need me here. After everything all of you have been through.â€


“I’m coming with you.â€


“No,†Her tone was firm, “No Ron, you can’t. What about your family? Your mum would never forgive us if you went away now. You need to be here.â€


Ron might have argued, but looking back towards the Burrow, and beyond, where Fred’s grave lay out of sight, he knew she was right.


“I think maybe I should go on my own.†Hermione’s voice was quiet, tentative, and Ron saw she was watching for his reaction.

“But – you don’t have to – I want to come with you. Maybe if we wait a bit…†but even as he said it he knew it was hopeless, and he knew she was right. This was something Hermione needed to do. Just as Ron needed to spend time with his family. Just as Harry had needed to go to Godric’s Hollow. He wanted to be there for her, to support her, but maybe it was time for the three of them to be apart for a little while. Each of them had their own priorities. Each of them needed respite.


“I don’t want to leave you at a time like this…†Hermione’s eyes were filled with concern again. He hugged her to him.


“I’ll be alright. I’ve fought Death Eaters, you know.â€


Hermione gave a little chuckle. Ron kissed the top of her head.




It was this that consoled Ron in the following weeks while she was gone. This that stuck in his head, alongside the memories of Fred, and which got him through.

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Wow.. your chapter really did a great job of capturing the overwhelming sense of the situation and how Ron and Hermione may have handled it.


Nice to see a much more mature Ron, who both stands by his girl (something he has always done) and listens to her (something he hasn't always done). The pre Deathly Hallows Ron may have fought her on the point of going to see her parents without him. In spite of all the emotion, the post Deathly Hallows Ron is much better at keeping perspective.


I continue to enjoy your choice to give each chapter a different voice and fresh perspective Katharine.


I was going to say how it's interesting that often times in new relationships a couple is thrown into the passion and excitement of a physical relationship early on, and their relationship has to develop a level of understanding and personal insight that moves past that passion and returns to it in appropriate moments. Of course Ron and Hermione have known eachother so well for so long that they're able to have that sense of appropriatness where any kind of physcial or sexual passion is reserved for the proper moment. I'm glad that your chapter didn't show a Ron who was overly anxious to get in Hermione's pants, but showed a Ron who appreciates her in a natural way like he did with the House Elf comment in the books (not trying to impress her or illicit a response, but surprising her pleasantly by the deepness of the heartfelt side of his charcter).


I know the gravity of the moment could have made a chapter that expressed more physical attention seem a bit crass. And I know that this follows with the telling of the story as they try to piece together what's been broken, but I've read a few Ron/Hermione fan fictions that want to skip over all the difficult/emotional reconcilaion that has to go on and skip right to the physical and sometimes a continuation of the emotional fireworks that went on in the past. Maybe I'm in the minority in this, but I honestly see Ron and Hermione's emotional fireworks changing A LOT after they get together. I think a number of their disagreements as the HP series progressed were the product of jealousy and adolescent sexual tension. If there is one thing JKR did a great job of during her series, it was to show how people can change and grow through her characters. I think you did a wonderful job of continuing to show that here Katharine. Bravo! I so look forward to the next chapter when you are able to find the time. :)

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Thank you so much Jon! I struggled quite a bit with this chapter (as you might be able to tell by the, erm... 'delay' :P)so I'm glad you find it appropriate.


I agree, I have read too many fanfictions that focus on the physical relationships of R/Hr and other couples, mostly immediately after the end of DH. I have always found this quite out of character, no matter how well written. Of course stressful situations such as the war are bound to bring couples closer together and sexual needs perhaps more urgent, but I find it somewhat diminishes the other emotional concerns both within and outside their relationship which also need to be addressed, and in fact somewhat lessens the value of their non-physical relationship. That's just my opinion, but I personally find it out of character for the majority of HP characters to jump into physical relationships - especially where loss of virginity is involved - so soon. Let's face it, Ron and Hermione may have known and loved eachother for years, but they are barely even in a 'relationship' at the end of DH. I think both characters, having been granted the time after so long, would want to make the most of it and not rush into something which could prove detrimental to their relationship/friendship if rushed into at the wrong time.


I have a feeling I've gone off on a bit of a tangent haha.


Thank you once again for your lovely review. I shall try not to take so long for the next chapter! Perhaps sometime in 2012? :P

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So, um, I appreciate it's been like... another year... since I last updated, :P but I have a surprise for you...


I had a sudden urge to reread this earlier and have since been inspired to write a new chapter. It's quite different from the others and I'm not quite sure what I think of it. But if anyone's still interested... here it is.








Squeals of protest did nothing to lessen the force with which Ginny hurtled the small body over the hedge. Sailing across the meadow beyond, it landed an impressive several feet from Percy’s last effort; winning her rounds of applause from her brothers.


“Good one Sis!†Charlie chortled as he seized another gnome by the scruff of its neck and pelted it across the garden.


They could have done it by magic, but Ginny and her brothers had made an unspoken decision to complete this chore in the same way they had as children. She couldn’t remember the last time all of them had been together like this, having fun. Well, nearly all. But Ginny was sure even he was there in spirit.


“Ouch! Gerroff!†Percy flailed around, fighting to prise off a particularly crafty gnome which had taken the opportunity as he bent down to seize hold of his nose.


Bill, Charlie and Ron roared with laughter at the sight of their brother rolling around in the grass, as other gnomes drew closer to cheer their comrade on.  Even George couldn’t resist the temptation to pick up the nearest gnome, which had been perched nonchalantly on Fred’s gravestone, and chuck him in Percy’s direction to join in the struggle.


Ginny’s stomach ached from laughing as she eventually took pity on Percy and helped extract the gnome’s fist from his nostril. Percy, red in the face and cursing, proceeded to grab a handful of gnomes and pelt them one by one at George. Ginny felt she could even feel Fred laughing with them as George ran around the lawn, kicking at the creatures which swarmed after him.


“Hey, look who it is! Watch out mate!†Bill called as the gnome he had just launched flew in the direction of the visitor who had just appeared by the gate, arms laden with tins and dishes wrapped in foil.


“Harry!†Ron was at the gate, removing the gnome from his friend’s collar, “Blimey, Kreacher been cooking again?â€


“He’ll give mum a complex if he keeps bringing all this stuff home,†George grinned, extracting a box of home-made cauldron cakes from the stash in Harry’s arms and chucking them to his siblings.


“Sorry,†Harry groaned, “You know what Kreacher’s like – if he catches me without a plate in my hand it’s like I’ve killed someone…â€

Harry faltered as George’s face fell. A sudden cloud seemed to loom over them.


“I’m so sorry,†Harry started frantically, “I didn’t think, I…â€


“It’s fine, mate,†Ron clapped a hand on Harry’s back and led him indoors as George forced a smile. The mood for de-gnoming had suddenly gone.


“Right well, we’d better be going anyway,†Bill nodded to Percy, “Dad’ll be wondering where we are. Tell Mum we’ll be home by seven.â€


They strode off through the gate Harry had come through and vanished. Ginny kicked impatiently at a gnome which was clinging to her shoe and followed her remaining brothers into the house.


“… close to cornering him this morning, Kingsley reckons it won’t be long until we catch him out…†Harry was saying to Ron as Mrs Weasley hovered over them, filling Harry’s glass with pumpkin juice and peering into his food packages with an ill-conceived ‘tut’.


Ginny sat on the bench beside Harry. She felt his body tense slightly as she did, but Ron seemed oblivious as he continued probing Harry about his day at the Ministry. Not that it mattered – she doubted Ron would even bat an eyelid to her and Harry’s interactions now.


“… not as interesting as de-gnoming the garden though! Who won?†Harry turned to Ginny as Ron grudgingly nodded in his sister’s direction.


“Honestly, you’d have thought Charlie would’ve thrashed her, working with dragons and all, but he always did have a lousy throw. That’s why he got made Seeker I s’pose…†Ron ducked as Harry’s fist playfully collided with his shoulder, “Nah, Fred and George would’ve won, easily – well they’ve got Beaters’ muscles, haven’t they? But… well, George isn’t quite… um… †Ron trailed off, suddenly aware of his mother’s stiffened position near the sink.


“Just because you can’t accept that you’ve all been beaten by a girl!†Ginny teased, nudging Ron’s foot, in attempt to bring the subject back on track.


“Hey hey, now,†Harry joked, catching Ginny’s eye as Ron looked ready to launch himself at her, “Ron’s been hanging around with Hermione for seven years, he’s well used to being beaten by a girl!â€


“Leave off!†Ron retorted, but only half-heartedly – his mind seemed to have been transported somewhere else.


Ginny glanced at Harry. He had been watching her laugh and his grin relaxed into a smile as her eyes met his. Ginny didn’t know whether to look away or keep looking. Part of her wanted to reach out to him, to climb into his lap, to ruffle his hair and kiss the beautiful crinkles at the corners of his mouth when he smiled. But that wasn’t right, not yet.  Instead, her hand inched closer and her fingers interlaced with his, relishing in the sensation of his touch once again. This was all for now. One step at a time. Now that they had all the time in the world.


A knock on the door interrupted the moment and Ginny caught a glimpse of curly brown hair as Mrs Weasley bustled to answer it.



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Okay, a few things....


first off... IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! haha. :P


perhaps that was a bit extreme. >.<  That said, I do truthfully enjoy your writing Katharine.  I have to ask:  Have you ever considered writing a book?  Outside of fan fiction of course?  I find your naratives to be very natural and well written.  I've had friends who have written books and not done so with quite the same affinity for the kind of structure that allows one to "lose themselves" in the story and not think about the fact that there is a writer.  I know that sounds a bit odd, but to me that's the essence of good writing... when you're not thinking about the writing (as if you were writing a story yourself) and instead simply enjoying the story (as a reader should).  There is a talent to making one's writing "flow" in that manner, and you have it Katharine.  Whilst (nod to the British there *wink, wink*) I have always thought I've had enough intelligence to come up with a story line, I've never had the patience to write or the skill to write with that kind of natural flow.


Now to the chapter itself.  While very well written it was crushingly depressing to me. =( *sorry... sad but true)


Myself being a twin, it's always been difficult to accept JKR's decision to kill off Fred in the HP series.  To this day I will profess and hold to the self evidenced truth that a twin could never have written Fred's death into the HP series.  It takes a person, who out of no fault of their own obviously, can't appreciate that bond, to write something like that.  Or perhaps they can appreciate the bond, but not fully appreciate the sense of loss that would exist.  It's like dying yourself, except you're still living.  Sorry Joanne >.<   That's how I feel about it.  So Katharine...This chapter kind of hit me over the head with that like an axe.    That's why it was hard for me to respond to immediately.  It really hurt me to read it if I'm being honest.  I know that's a very real part of the series, and dealing with loss is a very real part of life.  For me, the way I've dealt with loss in the past (the death of my father most particularly) is to block it out as best I can.  I know we all handle that differently.  To me, this chapter of your fan fic, really captured the guts and the emotion of dealing with loss... because of how loss sticks with us even in the moments when we are joyful or doing something that should be fun.  I also have to credit your writing with the ability to elicit such a strong response and emotion in me.  If you wrote poorly I do not know that this chapter would have the same effect as it has. 


Because of the emotional element, I don't know if I'm as qualified to review it as a less biased reader.  I love your writing Katharine and I love this fan fic, but I would implore you from this point forward to turn the conversation towards a happier direction.  >.<  ='(

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Wow, Jon, I don't know what to say...


Firstly, I'm really sorry that this chapter has caused you any upset, though in all honesty I expect your emotional response is possibly the best compliment I could ever hope to receive.


Just for you (:P) I shall endeavour to make the next update more light-hearted. I had actually intended to do that with this chapter, but obviously considering the circumstances of the story it's always a bit of a balancing act. I'm glad that the underlying sadness came across though, and I promise the next instalment shall not be so Fred-heavy.


Thank you so much for all your praise. I still find it really strange that others can enjoy my writing.

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Wow, Jon, I don't know what to say...


Firstly, I'm really sorry that this chapter has caused you any upset, though in all honesty I expect your emotional response is possibly the best compliment I could ever hope to receive.


Just for you ( :P) I shall endeavour to make the next update more light-hearted. I had actually intended to do that with this chapter, but obviously considering the circumstances of the story it's always a bit of a balancing act. I'm glad that the underlying sadness came across though, and I promise the next instalment shall not be so Fred-heavy.


Thank you so much for all your praise. I still find it really strange that others can enjoy my writing.


You see Katharine, MOST people would read your response to what I wrote and realize that perhaps they had been a tad bit self-indulgent and overly dramatic in their analysis of your chapter.   But as for me....  I'm just happy to be receiving special attention! :P 


Now here's the answer you SHOULD have given me instead of your very kind and diplomatic answer: 


Who's writing this fan fic anyway?  Because last time I checked...it was ME.   This is Harry Potter and the "BROKEN PIECES"... now if that weren't a big enough clue for you about what might be coming and you were expecting something more along the lines of Harry Potter and the Happy Howling Hoot-a-nanny... The perhaps YOU CAN WRITE THAT FAN FIC! :puh::rolleye:


So get a grip man!  I guess I should have known that a guy from a country that can complain about a "tea tax" and lack of equal "representation" might have some sensitivity issues when it comes to a modern classic book series and the subsequent fan fictions that try to capture the essence of the characters directly after they have suffered a series of great personal losses.  smh  <_<

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hahahaa, sometimes I wish forums had a 'like' function.


Well, I shall just continue to indulge you with special attention and stop depressing everybody, in return for you to write 'Harry Potter and the Happy Howling Hoot-a-nanny' (the latter of which is, by the way, an amazing word). I expect the first chapter within the next decade, so get cracking! :D

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