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Photography Competition - Applications

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Let's start our 1st competition! Here are some rules:

• Maximum number of people entering is 20
• Only [color="#FF0000"]one[/color] entry per person
• Theme: [color="#FF0000"][i]SPACE[/i][/color]. You can take a picture of anything what reminds you a space
• You have two weeks to post your entry from now [[color="#FF0000"]deadline 23.01.2011[/color]]
• Winner will be chosen by voting in poll
• Person who will win, is going to choose our next theme

*Note: please don't post things like "I'm in". If you want to [i]be in [/i]just publish your entry ;)

[b]Good luck everyone! [/b]
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I was in New York over the weekend, and I was trying to take pictures of "space." Somehow, this came out:


I decided that this was the picture immediately
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[quote name='Luna Ann Potter' timestamp='1295319450' post='48626']
Thank you! :blush: It is real! I only desaturated the colors a bit and used a vignette but it is real :P

I thought about infinite space, or something like the space between you and me. Something like that.

Well, I have to say that those two simple things really brought out the beauty and message behind this simple photo. You got my vote :)
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ok people.. there are only [color="#FF0000"][b]3 days left[/b][/color]! please post your entires!
or i'll have to change deadline..


my entry is called [b]'lack of space' [/b]

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[quote name='Luna Ann Potter' timestamp='1294904754' post='44869']
ok, here's my entry :)


This looks amazing! :)
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