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The Britney Spears Thread

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I love her new Music.. and Her old stuff pretty much everything.. everyone made fun of her for Shaving her head but you know oh well Everyone always does Stupid things all the time.. her music is Very amazing :)!! and I Am proud that to this Day she still does music.. I remember when i was like 8 years old dancing to Opps I did it Again

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the single has leaked :D



The song is so different from that demo, its crazy. Almost a different song. The bass and dance beat very european :D cant wait to hear this in a club. There is a sick instrumental part near the end that is just awesome. Doesnt feel like a britney song but oh my gosh it is.

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OK sorry about the double post but I can't help it

I like the song, I can't wait for the whole album


made this for fun


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