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If it was real, would you go down Knockturn Alley?


According to Snitch Seeker and HP wiki, these are the shops and their contents. However I'm not sure if it's true, so let your mind wonder.




Borgin & Burkes



At number 13B, Borgin & Burkes still stands. This antique shop is the most well known and oldest of the shops in Knockturn Alley. Every dark wizard knows this large, dusty shop is the place to go to find objects that are both strange and powerful and very old items that seem to hold unusual and dark characteristics. But don't let the dim lighting that comes from the large stone fireplace fool you. This is not a welcoming place. Its former owners, Mr. Borgin and Caractacus Burke, were known to be able to swindle powerful magical objects for very little money and then sell them for triple the price.


Has the Hand of Glory, an assortment of human bones, blood-stained pack of goblin playing cards, a hangman's rope, shrunken heads, a cursed necklace, an array of leering masks that line the walls, ancient set of robes that belonged to famous dark wizards, etc.


The Spiny Serpent



The vases out front are only a hint of what you’ll find inside the Spiny Serpent. As you pass through the doorway a buzzer that howls like a banshee goes off, announcing your presence to the shopkeeper and the denizens of The Spiny Serpent. The store is split between flora and fauna; sentient plants, magical plants, dangerous plants, semi-illegal plants, can all be found here. Likewise any dangerous or dark creature you have a hankering for can be found within the walls of the shop.


Anything that you can’t see on the shelves in front of you can still be found... for the right price, so go ahead and place an order if you dare, just remember you didn’t get it from here.


Ask to Order:


Fire Crabs




Sphinxes (GOF maze?)

Winged Horses


The Coffin House



The door to this eerie shop is shaped like a large black casket. As you open the lid and walk through, the red velvet covered walls and wrought iron candelabras feel warm but somewhat creepy. Here is where a dark wizard will find everything he will need for all his necromancy needs.




Wooden Raising Staffs

Magic Rings


Gladstone Bag


Human Skull

Human Bones


Inferi raising Herbs:



black nightshade

bleeding heart

Doll's eyes, Hemlock



white snakeroot




The rest:


Moribunds Pub


The Starry Prophesier


The Gleaming Gytrash


Twilfit and Tattings Upscale Robes


Arkie Alderton's Kwik-Repair Shop


Splinter and Kreek's Used Brooms


Sounds quite fascinating to me :whaa: Scary, but fascinating!

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