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What book are you currently reading?

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Three books at same time 😊

lol actually 4 now.


Can add this one:


Booked for Murder by CeeCee James


Lol it seems like a lot but this is my process:


My anxiety and depression has been terrible and Harry Potter always ALWAYS has helped me feel better so I've been reading a chapter a day.


American Sniper is the book I'm actually reading as a regular read in my free time.


Jackaby is an audiobook, i listen to it at work. Feels more like I'm listening to a podcast lol.


I have to wait an hour after work for my fiancé to pick me up (we only have one car) so I read a book on the Kindle App while I wait. Or I read a book on my kindle app whenever I'm somewhere and bored, waiting and bored etc


So I always have a book for any situation. Lol

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Superb Ash 😊... You are amazing

lol I just really like books.


But I finished listening to Jackaby so I'm listening to the second book now: Beastly Bones

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Beastly bones is about beast?

No no. It's the second book in the Jackaby series. It's a paranormal mystery type series. I dunno if it's the narrator or what but the characters are lovable and adorable and it's really fun to listen to.

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