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Graduation! c: Ι look like a mess haha but I had just taken the robe off and I was super sweaty.


No not mess at all! Congratulations and you look beautiful. <3


No make up and awkward crop but I still like this pick a lot for some reason


I like this picture too! You look amazing Arie!


I'm wearing it in this pic but you can't see it very much:


Love the pose!


Nice photo!


Recently got back from France (again!), but this time I went with my family, here's a few pics!


Me and my bro!

This is such an adorable photo. Hope you had a great time!


I took two photos today, after the first I accidentally gave myself a fat lip so had to hide it. Just so happens that was the better photo of the two. Even if it does look like I'm posing. xD (Hair is wet after the storm, it's starting to curl.)


Love the eyeliner!


Fell in LOVE with this photo when I saw it first. You are so silly :P

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Jeremy, not at all. I wasnt wearing any makeup. Randomly someone was like oh I need to take a picture of you! But I think it turned out nice. Very close lol. And thanks! You always look so comfortable I'm the pics you post, I just want to come cuddle!


Lindy, thanks so much pretty girl!

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Ashley, you look beutiful!!!



Some random recent ones of me. First one is from one of the 6 weddings I have been to this summer. The second is me goofing off at camp on day. The last one is me at the camp show.





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Everyone looks so pretty!


My last photos got ignored but I took a new one today which I'd really like to post. I'm aware my top lip vanished. It's the darn braces. xD


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Not a mess, Dina, never. Congratulations on graduating!



Dina: You look great! Congratulations!



No not mess at all! Congratulations and you look beautiful. <3


Thank you so much guys! :3



Looking great as always. Loving that pose. :D


You're both adorable!


Looking good!


How cute you are!!



Absolutely gorgeous!


Last night.

That jacket is awesome! Looking gorgeous! :D

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