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Bgginer :)

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awesome update hun :)

tx sweetie!! :)




looks great!

hey tx :)

huge fan :P


I think your stuff is really cute. Maybe use textures and some better fonts for your texts. I do really like your emma set you made.

yeah been searching for those lately :P

tx.just need to get the time and make the sig a little smaller :P

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okay so long time no upload :P

been a little busy lately and my PC is not willing to cooperate.Anyway caught him(my pc) in a good mood today and managed to do my FIRST EVER retouch on a picture on mine :P


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aww ur cute >.< its too purple hun but i like how ur eyes look



Yeah I agree with Stef. (: But it's still cute.

tx guys :) managed to change it a little.Let me know what you think...



and some icons.not so great since I took the pics myself ...



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tx everyone for all you support :) I am extremely grateful.


Long time, no upload >.< been working in photosop these past few days but I've been too lazy to post :rolleye0012: and i haven't been that happy with the results ether









and 2 quite sloppy GIFs, but they are some of my first so...




V for Vendetta:







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/\/\ :blush: thank you so much guys. I'm glad you like them :)


I usually don't upload pictures I made, but I took this today and edited it and it's my new desktop 'cause I love it :)


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I love the wallpaper. It looks awesome.


WOW gosh, that wallpaper is amazing!

thanks guys :) I stare at it for a few second every time the desktop comes up on my screen :P


Awesome updates Made! The gif is really nice, and also the last pictures ;D


tx will :blush: it means a lot to me that you say that :D











Pretty little liars:



UPDATE part 2


Gossip Girl:









Emma retouch:



higher resolution: here

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