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You can add them all you want. Doesn't mean they will be counted :P

But, I am sure I will enjoy looking at them! lol. Love ya roomie!! Always got to give me trouble don't you?!


Oh, I am sure they will be counted in your mind. ^_^ LOL.

Luv you too, ROOMIE!

Ofc, who would I be without giving you trouble? Plus, you took the short straw because my twin is the nicer one. :P

Wtg, Arie, WTG.


PS: Thanks for making Forum Awards thread.... :D

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Everyone's been asking me if I voted already. SHEESH. Let a member decide in peace!!


Ohhh, and I'm adding my own categories to my ballot. I solemny swear that I am up to no good.

-raises eyebrow-



Your own categories? Is that allowed?

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