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I want to see this! She looks sweet! Those photos of her and Johnny are cute too, very passionate. It feels a little awkward looking at them, the moment should've been for the 2 of them, not a load of paparazzi snapping that moment.


Unrelated: I must say that article down the side "Tom Cruise: 25 years on and not a day older" scared me a little to be honest. That's downright FREAKY

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I agree, of course they are cute but I wouldn't like people I don't even know to be able to see these kinds of pics if it was me and my boyfriend...

Anyway, I guess she knew that could happen and just didn't care.


Someone wrote something about her as an American girl, and I was thinking : do you think she is able to sound American ? coz I saw a few videos where she tries to speak with this accent, and she is not very successful... But it was several years ago. I am French so can't really hear all the differences, but what do you think, English/American people ?


I think it will/would be weird to hear her speaking without her beautiful British accent, don't you ?

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I'll definitely watch this one!


I am not sure if I'll see it in the theaters. The subject matter makes me a little ill, and I am almost 30...so not looking forward to being surrounded by teenagers (no offense!)


That's what I liked about "My Week With Marilyn"...it was a 'more adult' role for her. I wish she had stuck with that, sort of, instead of going back to the YA stuff.


But I will definitely watch it, at some point! I'm curious about it.

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December 2012 in UK/USA means like May or June 2013 in France... :( that's not fair ! why am I not English ?


Um, I'm In Romania, so I have to wait longer than you, so here's my shoulder.

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