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I didnt see one of these, but if there is feel free to delete it. :)


As I would imagine, there will be people flocking over from the old forum to this one.

They might of changed their name too.


I thought that this would be good for saying who you were on the old one. B)

For example, my user name was Joe O'Connor on the old forum and its the same on this one.


Just thought that it would minimize confusion...

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This will be a real shocker, my name use to be Dax o.o.

I've also seen you go by the name of Daxalicious. :P


When I joined the old forums, I was Antares_GD. I dropped the suffix after one of the restarts when it didn't allow underscores in usernames. I was the only Antares around, so I figured that was alright. :)

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Uhm let's see if i remember accurately, i started of as 'Padme' long ago, then changed it to 'Sad.eyes.never.lie', then 'closet.monkey', then 'live.and.let.die', then 'Guest' and my last one was 'Dina'. So this one is almost the same :D

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