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Emma Watson : ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

19 August 2014 - 12:54 AM

Emma has been called out by a few people on youtube to do the ice bucket challenge. She has 24 hours and then she gets to nominate 3 more people. :) Hope she does it :      and  here : 

Emma Watson UN Goodwill Ambassador

08 July 2014 - 01:50 AM

According to Time and also according to Emma's own Twitter post she has been named UN Goodwill Ambassador.  I'm very impressed.

Director Rob Reiner thinks Emma Watson is talented :)

24 June 2014 - 11:44 PM

Director Rob Reiner wants to direct Emma Watson. https://shine.yahoo....-195950969.html

Is this Emma Singing in Stairwell Wall?

01 February 2014 - 05:25 PM

Does anyone know if this is Emma Watson singing with Ben Hammersley in "Stairwell Wall". I know she's in Pantomime but not much though she does have a good voice in it I'm a little disappointed because I thought she'd actually be singing a few verses. However, if it is her singing in Stairwell Wall, there is a lot more of it and the girl singing sounds great. Hope it is Emma and it does sound like her to me. :)

Oh and here it is :