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In Topic: The Rupert And Emma Thread

19 August 2011 - 09:22 PM

Ruperts at the V Festival.. and so is Georgia Groome
No word on whether they're there together

In Topic: The Rupert And Emma Thread

11 August 2011 - 03:57 AM

Ummmm...well, the first thing that made me think this Johnny boy is history, is when I saw Rupes at the
TCA awards last sunday. I don't think I've ever seen him so happy, and with a bounce in his step.
Posted Image

He really looks like he's in love, and planning something. <_<

We know that R/E were together around 07/27 at the BH Hotel, and I wonder what they were scheming?? :rolleye0012:

There's a saying, that a woman dresses to impress her man. Well, if you remember a few months ago, we were
all discussing how R/E coordinate their clothes for the premieres. They of course matched again at the DH2 premieres.
I know Emma loves to make her ginger man skip a few heartbeats, with her beautiful dresses. :yesyes:
Well, below is the link to a pic of Emma in Santa Monica, when she was seeing Johnny. Here's the link of how she
dresses for Johnny boy. <_<


Ummm...Emma's a fashionista, so why dress like this---to make herself look undesirable to him.

There was a pic of Emma in NY, talking on the cell, looking really annoyed, but I can't find it.She looked like
she wanted to strangle whoever she was talking to. I'm wondering if she gave her phone # to Johnny, against her better
judgement and he became a real pest calling her all the time.

Emma's reps denied the relationship in June, as "utter fiction"--Emma uses the word utter quite frequently in her phrasing.

I think she got snapped by the paps, and also a girl-fan, that recognized her, and called out to her while kissing Johnny. This kiss
was a nice knowing ya-have a nice life kiss-now don't bother me anymore. Kris knows how Emma kisses, as she's seen DH2 about what
1,000 times!! <_< She started posting that this kiss was "OFF" and awkward, and I think that was why it looked that way. It went viral really
fast, and I've seen some sites that are saying Emma was lying last June, when she denied it. I think Emma should stand by what she said, because one of
her missions for going to LA, was to "let him down easy" and end it, which I think she did.

Now it's up to Rupes, to act, and make his wishes/desires come true. The Universe has paved the way for them to be together. :ohyeah:
I think Rupes is getting ready to jump into action very soon. :rolleye0012:

It's funny, but I keep seeing all these weird HP parallels in their lives. This Johnny thing, reminds of Cormac--when Hermione is
hiding from him, because he's got "hands like an octopus"!! Sound familiar--Johnny was all over her at the MTV awards. That was
very uncouth and uncool thing to do with a woman you hardly know or at all. I bet she wished she would have had some "dragon balls" :P
With any luck, the next parallel to their lives is DH2!! :yesyes:

Can I just say that this is possibly the most epic thing I've ever read?

Also on a side note, I would just like to say how I love how everyone on here is so friendly and supportive of each other, when I go on other forums, sometimes it is not the case
so yeah... I love you guys
<3 :D

In Topic: The Rupert And Emma Thread

06 August 2011 - 01:09 AM

Hopefully this whole Johnny thing will blow over like the others. Besides, she'll be in the UK for next year so hopefully..out of sight out of mind? Its not that I don't like Johnny, its just that they don't seem right for each other, maybe its just me, but they seem like two completely different types of people

In Topic: The Rupert And Emma Thread

03 August 2011 - 02:21 AM

Sorry for the misunderstanding-no it is a pap video of Emma trying to get into her car after the movies poor thing :( she was being hassled like there was tomorrow :( It is in Emma Media Thread.

OMG I just saw that!

I feel so bad for her :(

In Topic: The Rupert And Emma Thread

03 August 2011 - 01:33 AM

I THINK he says: we have spoken to Emma and she has nothing but good things to say (I have a feeling about the kiss ;)) and Rupert was very very excited-his eyes just light up...they truly are just all love...

Btw after seeing that horrible papparrazi video, I have decided I can hold off awhile of seeing R/E out together in public-Rupert may wind up hitting the cameraman-kidding of course but the way they were in Emma's face OMG :( So if a fan can get pics I am ok with that but the paps no. R/E will def be hiding out even moreso I believe/think after last night :( That one guy needs to be sued/arrested. SO RUDE. I cant believe that celebrities cant sue these jerky scumbags.

There's a paparazzi video of them? where?