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In Topic: Learning about new religions!

29 November 2012 - 06:01 PM

No worries, its pretty confusing when you first learn about it. So I have been told lol. I grew up knowing this stuff so I don't actually know how confusing it is. I totally understand what you mean. I forget all the time that the Jewish stuff I do is not the norm. All of a sudden I will start talking to a non-Jewish friend about something and they are so confused. I forget because its all the norm to me haha. They don't really mean anything. It has to do with the story of Hanukkah but its really just a silly tradition. A lot of things in Judaism do have very specific significance. But, that's not one of those things lol. Hebrew is a beautiful language. It actually isnt really even called Hanukkah. Its Chanukah but not like a regular ch sound. I cant explain the sound. But, literally only jews can make that sound. Which is why everyone else calls it Hanukkah. Its kind of a throaty coughy sound haha.

Wow thats pretty cool that an atheist taught theology. Very interesting! Probably put an interesting perspective to it. You should e-mail him! Most professors love it when old students get back in touch with them. I e-mail some of my professors pretty frequently.

I think out of all the religions I like to learn about Judaism the most. I'm not even sure why. It's just the most interesting to me. It's a little confusing but once you learn about it, it's not so bad. Speaking from an outsiders perspective of course. lol Same friend ended up giving me more candy coins and some dreidels. XD I'm here like "it isn't even December yet!" This was round Thanksgiving. lol

Ok this is something I wanted to ask. I'm rusty since I haven't studied in like 4 years. Okay, so you guys have Passover right? When does that happen and what is the story behind it? I know I can just Google this stuff up but I like to get a real person answer. Call me old fashioned. lol And I know you guys have the menorah and the eight candles. Each night, you light a candle. Right? Man, now I wanna go read up on this. XD

Yeah, I should go look for him on the college website. Hopefully he's still teaching there. A lot of our professors ended up transferring to other universities. :(

In Topic: A happy couple.....

29 November 2012 - 05:23 PM

Of everyone here, Jo is the only one who has spent any real time with Emma, and who may have a clue about her real life. Unlike people who think they know everything after reading tabloids and books. Maybe you should listen to her instead of making snarky remarks.

That's right. I'll listen to Jo before I listen to anything else. I honestly don't get how people fall into rumors or pure speculation. It's a bit ... off putting.

This pic was taken during her holidays with her then boyfriend. She ran around the whole day with such a face. After the holidays the relationship ended..... So, please believe me, this IS how she looks when she is angry/disappointed/bored.

How could you possibly know that? It's obvious and logical that the sun is in her face. I've had crap days, good days, so-so days and if the sun is in my face, I'm going to make, well, that face. That picture is no proof of anything other than the sun is a pain in the ass bro.

She's not hurting anyone so what does it really matter? It's her personal life. We have no right to judge her or her relationship. I'm happy she's with someone and I'm happy that she seems happy. I wish them all the best. Love is hard to come by and we have to hold on to it as much as we can.

In Topic: How can I become friends with her?

29 November 2012 - 05:17 PM

<obligatory "The Cake is Lie" post>

I said that like a page ago. No one listens to me. :( XD

Wait, what? She's got a boyfriend? Blimey, I'm behind on the news! She's still acting, right?

LOL! I dunno why, but this made me really laugh.

The fandom is like a big ball of timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly stuff. Quite diverse. By and large, though, with just the teensiest bit of guidance here and there, the fandom does respect her privacy. Big time. Respectacular.

...Can I hug you for that Doctor Who reference?? Well, gonna do it anyway. *hugs*

Nothing wrong with talking about her work, though.

Still, I'm pretty sure that boyfriends, even those doing a "bad job", don't classify as work.

I dunno.. some of the bad ones might be work. :lol:

In Topic: Rupert lets slip that Emma and Matthew Lewis had a thing.

29 November 2012 - 05:12 PM

He is so gorgeous and so sweet. She is also gorgeous and sweet. I totally approve of this. I know she has a bf now but part of me is really hoping this is true and that they get together. Okay, I'm evil. I just think they are both so .. unf.

In Topic: Learning about new religions!

25 November 2012 - 09:50 PM

It is awesome! Thats pretty funny that you forgot that your friend is Jewish. There is a difference. She is not completely observant. I am, because I am orthodox. That is basically the difference. It is an awesome time and I look forward to Shabbat every week. Best part of my week! Yeah it is just a silly Hannukah tradition. I am sure there is some historical significance, I just don't know it. I believe so. I cant wait for Hanukah!

For sure. Its really hard listening to an "outsider" teach your religion. Yeah I have no idea why he was upset over it. You should ask him and say because you asked Jewish friends and they weren't offended. I would love to know his reason!

Oh okay, I think I got that down now. The different branches anyway. I tend to forget people's religions or sexuality or whatever because to me people are just people. I need a reminder now and then.. lol. I wonder what they mean. I don't think she even knows. XD She just gave out candy to everyone in our group of friends. I think she'll be giving out more once Hanukkah starts. I like saying the word Hanukkah.. I don't even know why. Hebrew sounds fun.. XD!!

It is. What's odd is that my theology professor back in college was an atheist...o.O So that was kinda like "okay.." XD But she was cool. She didn't bash anything and was very open. I wish I knew my professor still. I have no idea what happened after I left that class. I didn't really see him around campus and I didn't take another class with him afterwards. I haven't been in school in ages. I feel so old.