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In Topic: Suggestions, Questions for Emma's Official site

22 May 2012 - 12:21 AM

ROFL. =))

At least, I try it :lol: :lol:

In Topic: Suggestions, Questions for Emma's Official site

21 May 2012 - 08:26 PM

Hi everyone,
I just wondered if anyone had any (sensible) suggestions for Emma's official site? or some Good questions that you wanted to ask her (one's that she hasn't anwsered already 10000 times). I'm meeting with her this Wednesday for a discussion about her official website, so any thoughts, suggestions, questions etc.... please let me know.

Thanks, :hug:

Hi Jo, when you meet Emma - hug her for me, ok? ;-)

About suggestions:

1. More downloadable content - pics, wallpapers, Emma's creation.

2. More messages, from Emma or you, Jo. In last few months was EWO almost ,,dead.'' :-(

3. ,,Welcome animation'' or something like that(sound, short welcome video with Emma).

4. Suggestion box for fans - for all. Everybody can insert short message with idea for you Jo or Emma(btw. I have few ideas about photo shoots for Emma)

5. Webcam - Emma live ;) :rolleye0012:

6. Once in a while live chat with you or Emma.

7. Fan profile. Everybody would like to make his own profile on EWO(I'm sure). Divide by country(for example - Italy, GB, Czech Republic, Egypt, etc.) - Emma can look at her fans(which country, age, hobby, etc.)

8. Maybe another auction for people in need(like plate with her autograph).

9. VIP for me? :rofl: (just kidding... but... ;) )

10. Hug Emma one more time for me Jo. Thanks B)

f.E.W. - Prague, Czech Republic