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Anyone here?

31 July 2017 - 10:32 PM

It's taken me a good 30 minutes trying to work out what my log in details were.  :whaa:
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is around who remembers me? Was talking to Joe (also an ex member) and realised I only keep in contact with about three old members. I was wondering if anyone from about 2003/2011 is still around and would be interested in staying in touch? 

I remember Ashley, Imagine, Irina, Elena and lots more!
I used to go by x.emmafan.x on the old forum, then when it was lost and this one got made I changed to Jade.
If anyone is interested, feel free to add/follow/chat/contact me at any of these, they'r all long standing accounts, so even if someone see's this in 2019 they'll be working.
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