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Never thought I would make another account

10 January 2015 - 02:16 AM

It's been a good 5-6 years since I have been on these forums... just from browsing through the threads I can that there are a few other sentimental folks out there.


My name is Brent and I joined for the first time in 2005 with the username CatchMe1600. At some point, I decided to leave and stayed away for about a year. I came back in 2008 (username was IckyThump for awhile; then it was Yes) and stayed for another year or so and stopped posting altogether after that. 


It looks to me like this place is barely a shadow of what it used to be. Sometimes I miss the old days of posting on here and having side conversations on MSN late into the night... it was a fun time.


Anywho, here I am!