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Emma Watson's British Sign Language For Deaf People

01 September 2015 - 12:29 PM

To British People, 


   I am deaf and from United States of America, I am alumnus of prestigious university and involved many human rights for my political work for many years.  I am aware of Emma Watson who involved UN Human Rights and HeForShe organization, I love to see her working with deaf people who want to participate this.


I am here to ask you question that do Emma Watson know any British Sign Language For Deaf People, no matter if you already met her in person and you may ask Emma Watson if she know any British Sign Language after her meeting with Deaf People or she may be aware of Deaf Culture if she already met Deaf People in the past.  


If you are close friend of Emma Watson, Can you ask Emma Watson if she know any British Sign Language? Because I would like to see communicate with deaf people who ask her about her UN and HeForShe work.







Why Isn't Emma Watson living in the United States?

30 August 2015 - 09:34 PM

I wonder why isn't Emma Watson living in the United States if she thinks she want to have a better life in the U.S. and start to continue to play in big box office Hollywood movies frequently, it would make easier for her settle down and living in either LA or NY while commute to work in the studios where she can play in Hollywood movies.  


However, unfortunately, she just returned back to England after finished up her bachelor's degree at Brown last year, also, she would have peace and staying with her boyfriend but she isn't with her boyfriend anymore since November, which results in being single right now and she has only focused on her heavy acting career may lead to be successful in the future is the most important in her life, she don't have time for spent time with anyone because she always commuting and traveling for work and business everyday.  After six months from breaking up with her boyfriend, she may realize what she is doing right now but she states that she still continue to focus on her own heavy acting career what she wants but just announced herself as telling the truth about her "horrendous" breaking up experience last month.  Right now, I am not sure what she wants to do right now and still think about next thing to do after wrapped filming, "Beauty and The Beast". I am sure that everyone already know about her planning to come to California for new filming, "The Circle" along with co-star, Tom Hanks and planning to have HeForShe campaign fundraising during Ariana Grande's Concert at Barclays Center  next month.  However, I am not sure if we see her who told that she is looking forward to coming back to the U.S. for new filming and having HeForShe campaign fundraising.  


If she is not happy about something what she is doing right now when not working at this time, why don't she reconsidered as moving back to the U.S. for have a better life that would make her happy?


Like Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe already become resident and living in the United States right now.  Emma Watson should be living in the United States right now if she wants to but she is still be around in the United Kingdom where she lived right now, she hadn't been to the U.S. since last April but will she be moving back to the United States next month?