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28 November 2016 - 08:11 AM

@R/Hr shipper : Completely agreed with ur whole point. Its the best thing to do, re-reading the original seven books. Even Albus has been shown such a spoiled kid, I couldn't believe Harry and Ginny can have such a son....and the same applied for Rose too. I too dont think RoMione wouldnot happen if Hermione didnot go to the Ball with Krum but even if they weren't married, that tension was still between them which was shown in Cursed Child. And the saddest thing is Ron and Hermione's charcters had really not given much importance in the plot. And abt giving so much importance to Draco, I have really nothing to say and they have tried to whitewash his charcter a lot. And Scorpius is a really lovable charcter. 

Thanks for the link. Gonna read it as u are saying its close to canon.

I usually don't like fan fiction unless they are very true to canon and if the characters stay true to character.

But I was simply bowled over by this great work by a RHR shipper who compiled together many chapters of missing Ron and Hermuone moments from all books.



What I liked the most was how Ron and Hermione are perfectly Ron and Hermione in her stories. 

Chapters 1,2,6.15 and 29 are some of my favourites.

This FF has got rave reviews from many users and is totally worth reading.


Unfortunately, the author stops midway through Deathly Hallows and she has'nt updated her story for 3 years now. Hope she comes back and finishes the story.

In Topic: The Ron and Hermione Thread

23 November 2016 - 07:38 PM

Hey!!!!! :) I am back!!!! Been on vacation, then was immediately thrown right back into work...
Read CC...this is all I have to say---THANK GOD ROMIONE WAS STILL THEMSELVES....the Romione moments made me laugh and smile. Everything else- BLECH.....
I read FF because it gives me my Romione fix ;) but yeah I know they can be non- canon at times. You just have to weed thru and find the true Romione writers.
ROMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Yes the Romione moments in the book were the only saving grace, and I loved them in all the timelines...and they were the only factor or reason for making me hooked throughout the book....and with so many golden RoMione moments in the seven books itself, the cursed child book also quite maintains a pretty good level for RoMione, and I am happy as a R/Hr shipper but not as a Potterhead....
@CbMac: Yeah I know there are many RoMione writers who wrote keeping very close to canon and I love reading them and yes its the best way to remain happy as a crazy RoMione shipper....but if you have R/Hr FFs in your bookmark that are close to CANON, please provide me those links,I will be very grateful...RoMione is the only thing which make me happy when I really feel low in my life
Does any of you watched or read #Fantastic Beasts and where to find them? I got my copy of the screenplay ebook, going to read it ASAP, just got tied up with work right now....If any of u have read it, any reviews?

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09 August 2016 - 12:33 PM

Guhhhhhh yes!!!! I am back into reading FF (Romione of course ;)) after being away from the net the last few months (that will not happen anymore LOL). I will start reading it Wednesday. Oh but back to FF- watch out anyone who has not read CC. I am grateful to the writers for spoiler warnings.
ROMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Oh....Actually I don't read FFs much or rather say I'm not very much fond of, as most of them are so non-canon that I couldn't relate them to my RoMione whom I adore so much. But there are few RoMione FFs on my bookmark which are quite canon and I love them. Anyways give me the link of the FF which u are talking about?

In Topic: The Ron and Hermione Thread

06 August 2016 - 07:12 PM

Hmmmm.... Love hearing your critique!!! I will be reading it on Wednesday...my friends are reading it and I told them I would curse their tongues!!! ;)
ROMIONE moments I am DYING to read....
Awww REALLY???? But they are not only the trio, they are also related now!!!!!!! Weird....
ROMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Yupz...its better u avoid all the reviews till u complete reading it, otherwise u won't be able to appreciate 1℅ of it...But yeah u gonna really enjoy those fewer RoMione moments in the book and I assure u that....

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06 August 2016 - 01:45 PM

Finally I had finished reading the so-called eighth potter book: Cursed Child. Its better not to compare it with the seven books which we already adore it so much cuz its no way in match with that level and moreover it completely lacks that J Ro magic. I quite liked the Part 1 while Part 2 is quite boring, though the beautiful RoMione moments in between provide a fresh air.....There are moments when I felt confused with this poor storyline,rather say poor way of story telling.As its written in play form,you won't get the same feeling as you get when you read a novel. Just R/Hr moments were heavenly bliss to me....There are no proper Harry and Ron moments in this book the first thing which I hate about it,no proper trio moment :( In part 2,Draco suddenly becomes too good to digest. I really liked Albus and Scorpius and their friendship and they are the new "Harry and Ron duo"" but of course a bit different as their persona are different...overall the book,I mean the script book, is OK for reading once

AHHH OK WAIT GUYS!!!! Please!! I am waiting on my copy and will not get it til next week-I am away for vacation but will be taking book with me- soooo will discuss with yas then!!!!!! :)
ROMIONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Oh yeah take your time and do share your reviews....And enjoy your vacation.