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Hello everyone!

27 February 2017 - 11:37 AM

Hi guys!


My name is Sara, and I just signed up! I used to be a member here years ago, but I couldn't remember my username or anything. I was never really active anyway, just loved coming here reading all the messages and looking at all the pretty graphics. But I would love to get more active this time around!


I'm in my 20s, got a degree in political sciences, and I love making fansites on my free time. I currently have 4, one which is iheartwatson.net! A site I'm running with two of my close online friends. This is a long running Emma site, but we adopted it after the previous owners took it offline last year - and we will do our best to get it back to what it once was! If anyone ever have any suggestions or requests for the site, you can always contact me.


As for Emma, I have been a huge fan ever since the first Harry Potter film. She was my first celebrity role model, and someone I look up to with so much respect! And now I'm dying of excitement for BATB!


So, that's me! Can't wait to start chatting :)