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Double Posting "Glitch"

13 July 2012 - 02:54 AM

Hey all,

Apologies if this is a topic somewhere in the "Help Desk" forum, though I'm pretty sure I double-checked prior to making a duplicate thread.

I recently received a new laptop and started using the Forum on my laptop. The browser I use is Internet Explorer 9 (Update 9.0.8) [no jokes, please lol]. I didn't like my previous experiences on Firefox or Chrome (though, I'm talking a few years ago...haven't tried since).

Anyway, when I go to a friend's profile and type a comment, then press "submit" it will submit duplicate (double) comments to the person's profile (and possibly send the person two notifications as well). I know some others have had issues like this. I find it quite annoying.

I'm not sure if this happens because IE9 has "Compatibility View" which is described as the following: "Websites designed for older browsers will often look better, and problems such as out-of-place menus, images, or text will be corrected." I've tried turning "Compatibility View" off to see if this was the problem causing the comment problem. When I did that, I would attempt to open the menu on the upper-right-hand side (where the profile name appears) and the menu would blink out of view.

I can't figure out what would cause the double-commenting and how to rectify the issue. Does anyone know?