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In Topic: Osama bin Laden Dead?

25 July 2011 - 10:27 PM

Unreal, if you meant myself I never said what I symphathize Osama, I just don't 100%ly believe what he've been murdered. And if he was and all this true it have been done in inapropriate way. That's all what I said. Yes, he deserved to go through the pain (if everyhting what have been said about him is true), but being killed by the bullit it isn't as much painfull as you may think. If he'd have been taken alive and then tortured to give information about his organization then, maybe it would be even more fair from your point of view.
(Ups, sorry, now I see what you told it to Reznov, but I think he didn't symphasize him either, just meant what it have been done inappropriately)

Sirbenedictvs, sorry what I didn't replyed, I just thought what it may lead to a quarrel and I don't want any quarrels...

Definitely. Anyone in the armed forces and especially in any special operations forces (our Navy SEALS or your Spetznaz)are highly motivated and highly trained individuals. They know what needs to be done and they know how to do it right. They're not cold-hearted killers that many would think they are. Because underneath all those weapons and gear, they're still human beings.

I meant what I think what Russian soldiers wouldn't ever kill unarmed or innocent people, coz they listen to their conscience (I mean moral sence of right and wrong) more then yours. But of course it is just my opinion and I may be wrong...

That may be a possibility but we don't really have any wanted fugitives in Russia... or at least none that most of us know of. Most of these fugitives are believed to be in various countries of the Middle East, Southeast Asia and some Western European countries as well. Like I said it's a possibility but I definitely hope that they're very careful about it. Although the Cold War has ended, the US and the Russian Federation still have very tense relations with each other. If something goes wrong, there would be Hell to pay between the two countries. The relationship between the US and Russia are too sensitive to even attempt something like that.

That is what I do care about. Our relationships is, well, yeah, very tense. And I think what there are still some possiblities of war bitween our counties. But I just hope what it forever will be just "some posiblities".

And I'd assume you gave him the same answer I gave you? There's always a separation between the government and its people. We do our jobs, and they do theirs. The government's main function isn't to fool their people. The government's main function is to govern their people (make laws, provide services, etc.)

They can't live without lying to its people. Coz they always, well, you know "have to" (in their opinion) do something wrong and they just can't survive without hiding some facts or tell honest untrue. I don't think what there are somewhere even one honest governer. They all are lyers. That is fact for me.

See that's the thing. The government has no control over what you do and don't believe. You wouldn't (or shouldn't) be in such a situation where you're stuck to being brainwashed. The government can't and don't force you to believe what they tell you. I mean there are still a lot of so called "9/11 Truthers" that believe the September 11th attacks were planned by the US government. The government isn't doing anything to shut them up because they have every right to say such things.

And I one of those.... who... do not... fully regret that theory ))) They have control to show on TV anything what they want (and I don't think what USA's have not either). That's why I do not watch it at all. And honestly you wouldn't watch it here either - our main channels on TV is pure s... I must admit that..

You never know dude, if there's something someone uncovered which showed any sort of wrong doing. With the proper resources the good citizen can put an end to that. Which explains why some politicians were indicted for less than reputable things. Best example of this would be the Watergate Scandal where President Nixon committed illegal espionage on his opponents. He was uncovered by an anonymous whistle-blower known as Deep Throat. Shortly afterwards, President Nixon resigned. A lot of Hell rained down on President Reagan as well when the people found out about his contra supplying operation.

Yeah, my uncle have been killed for such a thing... And I wanna lived at least untill his ages...

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22 May 2011 - 02:24 PM

That's funny :rolleye:
Stay in my pants :king:

In Topic: Osama bin Laden Dead?

06 May 2011 - 07:27 AM

These "elite" soldiers are trained to kill, and are damn good at it. Plus when you're in the heat of the moment, you don't think it's all instinct and muscle memory. Whether or not OBL had a weapon, it doesn't matter. He's dead now. It wouldn't make much difference if a civilian (like myself) shot bin Laden. Believe me if I had the very opportunity to, I would put two in his head with or without a weapon. Am I a murder for that? Sure. But OBL's dead and that's what the world wants to hear.

Ok I see you have different kind of soldiers for killing and for arrest. Hope I'm not right. They could throw gass there or whatever. What if he held some hostages? I just glad what they didn't killed any kid. At the end we can only guess now what surely have heppened there, although Obama watched everything and surely there are some vids. Why they wouldn't uncover it if everything was clear?

Ever heard of a little thing called collateral damage. When any sort of action is taken that involves committing armed forces to a combat situation. There will be collateral damage. It sucks that she was killed but it's not like we pushed her against the wall executed her. It's funny to me how everyone always expects a happily ever after. The standards you're putting on my country's servicemen are too high compared to your own probably. You probably wouldn't say anything if she wasn't killed. And because she was, and they didn't intend it to happen, we're automatically the evil pigs who come and kill everyone we felt like killing? Doesn't work that way

"it's not like we pushed her against the wall executed her" sorry, but after all what I've heard I imagining it like that.. Maybe your army standards is higher technically or whatsoever, but I do believe what we have something in our soldiers which always made us win (maybe soul and heart... Maybe... )) ). I'm impressed not only by her death, but by other unarmed people either.

That's how it works everywhere. You don't have to trust anyone, but if you're not even qualified or capable of doing a particular task it's probably best to leave it to someone who is. I'm sorry that you probably have no faith in your government but don't take it all out on us just because we do.

I believe in my goverment more then in yours. Although I never take thier words siriously.. But I do believe what they are right in... some points...

So why should you care? ... plus you're going off topic here

I should care coz they may come to my countrie like that in search of terrorists which they'll thought-up and kill people as easely as they did it there.. But it's not like I much care about that...

So.... if I turned on the news, see something I was interested in, go out of my way to do my own research on it and draw my own conclusion, you'd still call it "она бабка сказала"? Do you really believe that I trust everything that my own government says? Hell I didn't even vote for Obama, and I sure as Hell don't agree with some of his policies; and that's the beauty of it. I don't have to because I'm not some mindless robot you're saying that I am. I am free to think what I think and say what I want to say. My government can care less about that because they're too busy doing more important things than feeding me BS, that's the job of the private news agencies. And even I don't trust them outright, because I don't have to.

I trying to use logic (to separate the wheat from the chaff), sometimes it helps... "My government can care less about that because they're too busy doing more important things than feeding me BS" - there is no more important things for them then... Sorry, but trying to make a fool of its own people. And I am hearing this thought not at first... Somebody told me exactly the same.. Exuse.

You don't have to.

Yeah I am.. But they want to... I suppose...

Act on what. They're not telling you to do anything. Better yet, they can't tell you to do anything because you're in Russia. So why should you care if 'we' tell you do act a certain way.

I meant that theoretically... A little bit... If I would live there.. And they don't tell it litterelly, they suppose what people will do after they'll put some thoughts in thier mind..

Dude, there's a little thing called "Google". There's something called a 'search bar' and you use it to type in the words "Osama bin Laden family member interview" or any combination thereof. After you click on 'search' it will take you to a list of websites that will have such interviews you may be after.

Why do you think that the only information people get are from news agencies and the government? This is the Information Age, dude. You can do your own homework instead of waiting for the 'government peoples' to publish information that you would be satisfied as being true. Nothing is ever fed to you so easily...

Oh yeah, I found some of them. Why they didn't shown them on TV? Yeah, I def will do some research... Will read those intervews at least... But won't trust them ))) Loool ).. ((
P.S. I think it's however better to not going deeply into all those goverment things... I mean... What the hell can we change? Who is seriously ask for our opinion? They will do what they are doing whatever we think....

In Topic: Osama bin Laden Dead?

06 May 2011 - 05:34 AM

Reports say that one of his wives (wounded during the assault) positively IDed him as being him. He was also positively identified when a photo of his body was shown to another one of his wives. DNA testing was confirmed to be him when compared to various DNA samples from his family members.

He was identify after his death, I mean what they may killed civilians as easely as they shot himself (if they shot). I just impressed by that easiness by which your "elite" soldiers kills people. That would be Ok if they'd be armed, but what (and I mean WHAAAAAAAT!!!!) may did unarmed woman to your elite soldiers? Do they know such a thing like handcuffs? They came to another countrie, killed unarmed people and they proud of that... What the hell is happens with the west? You trust your government like you even don't trust your mother. Hope someday life will teach you like it taught myself - there is no man who should be trusted! If you trust somebody you are at great danger, coz there is a big bunch of people who always in seek of such people to make them believe in something and make profit of it. And I mean by that not just some froads, but big companies either and your dearest government. Who lied once will lie twice. And we (Russia) know what he is lier (Obama or whoever rules this countrie) and I would say by all of us what only last fool here believe in your goverment. You don't see it inside, coz you are fed up with "facts". We call it OBS, what you call "facts". OBS - Odna Babka Skazala - One Grandma Said. Your government is just rule your thoughts (and therefore yourself) by your emotions. They've put in your mind fear and act on it. I don't believe your government. If I'll be wrong in the end - that's Ok - I'm wrong, Ok. But if I'll be trusting them and act like they want me to act, then... Sorry there should be BIIIIG troubles..

His family members were interviewed (at least those who chose to be interviewed). If you read up on the subject, his family members distanced themselves from him after he formed al Qaeda. They even went to as far as to changing their names, mostly different variations of the last name (ex. Binladin)

I would like to see video or even just photo of at least one of them. Not "we told with them, they said that and that". Why should I trust in such information? And I mean... WHYYYYYYYYYY?!!! Why the hell?!!! Whyyyy?...

In Topic: Osama bin Laden Dead?

04 May 2011 - 09:19 PM

I totally agree with what you guys are saying just i think that killing him is a quicker better soution to the problem.

Maybe, but still no proofs.. And Obama regret to show photo. Such a strange thing to me...

↑Yeah ! great idea dude!
You should ask !

Im sleeping now so will post fresh ideas in the morning - night all !