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#164923 The Bonnie Wright Thread

Posted by KAG on 20 October 2011 - 07:20 AM in Harry Potter

Bonnie's student short film she wrote a screenplay and is directing will start filming in November and she has a website for it up with a video on the site talking about the film. Here's the summary of the film:

Separate We Come, Separate We Go is the story of a 10-year-old girl who is neglected by her manic depressive mother. One morning she runs away and finds solace and a new sense of freedom in the beautiful landscape of her coastal town. She survives thanks to the kindness of strangers and befriends an old man who spends his time strolling along the waterfront and the dusty coastal paths.

Directed by actress Bonnie Wright, this film portrays the poignant story of a child’s emotional and physical journey across the glorious landscape of East Sussex. We intend to cover various parts of the region such as: Camber Sands, Rye Harbour, Winchelsea beach, Lydd, Dungeness and Dymchurch.

Separate We Come, Separate We Go will be part of The LCC Graduate Film project and will be presented in 2012 in the graduate show. As a Graduate film it can be funded by voluntary donations only. So if you would like to help us sponsor our production we would be delighted to feature your business/enterprise/Bank (etc) in our credits


And in December/January Bonnie will start shooting an acting project called "In Want of a Wife"

"I just shot a film a month ago that should be coming out next summer, The Philosophers, it's an American independent film.

"And then I'm directing a film, and also acting in another one in January. It's a period piece set in the 1800s so that will be fun. That one's called Want Of A Wife, it's a British film."

and info on the project:

IN WANT OF A WIFE (120 min. period drama with a twist)
Pride & Prejudice from the men's perspective

What do the men of Pride & Prejudice get up to during the long periods of time when they're not on the page? IN WANT OF A WIFE answers this question with an original plot which takes a sideways look at Jane Austen's classic novel.

England, 1811: Darcy is forced to work with his estranged American half-brother to save the family fortune. But can they get to the Pemberley deeds before George Wickham and his American mercenary friends?


No info on her role yet but recently this was just added to her page at her modeling agency:

Bonnie has just signed on as a lead role of a new feature film which will begin filming this Christmas.


#121593 The Bonnie Wright Thread

Posted by KAG on 28 June 2011 - 06:27 AM in Harry Potter

She's in Indonesia already shooting her film right now. They had a Press conference for the film in Indonesia with the cast. I should mention Freddie Stroma aka Cormac Mclaggen is in the film:

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Posted Image

Articles on the film:

Friday, June 24, 2011 19:09
Hollywood film, The Philosophers Will Start Filming In Indonesia Tomorrow

The Philosophers
Film The Philosopher, immediately attract the attention of journalists in Indonesia.

The reason is the film is a Hollywood production, involving producers and foreign filmmakers, as well as the cast who have been involved in large-scale Hollywood production.

This excitement was created about 2-3 weeks ago, when one actor in the Harry Potter series, Bonnie Wright, said in one interview will be filming in Indonesia (see story here)

Boleh.com tried to do a little investigation and get various information about this film (see story here).

The Philosopher, the film proved to be a production of SCTV, along with Hollywood producer, George Zakk and Cybill, the afternoon held a press conference, related to prime filming will be done, tomorrow (Saturday, June 25, 2011).

Located on SCTV Tower, 19th floor, Senayan City complex, a press conference of The Philosopher, was attended by the party of SCTV, the producer and the entire cast.

There is a Programme Director and the Production of SCTV, and Alfin Harsiwi Achmad Surya Atmaja, producer George Zakk and Cybill, director John Huddles, and the cast as Bonnie Wright, akktor who have been involved in The Commander, James D'arcy, a former actor in the movie Spy ciliki Kid, Daryl Sabara, Freddy Stroma, Sophie Lowe, actor Sanctum, Rhys Wakefield, Indonesia and one of the actresses involved, Cinta Laura Kiehl.

In a press conference, representatives of SCTV, Harsiwi Achmad, said they were very proud to participate in collaboration, directly supports the production of The Philosophers, a Hollywood film class at the same time doing shooting at several places in Indonesia.

"This collaboration has significance to the world of television and film Indonesia. It's not easy to gain trust so that the tenants of The Philosophers teams are sure to do the filming in Indonesia in the long term," he explained in a press release Harsiwi.

Further Harsiwi explain this is a widescreen project and will be played throughout the world, not only in theaters in Indonesia. However, when asked relates to freeze while playing a Hollywood terkain import taxes, Harsisiwi replied, "We're optimistic. Obviously this film will get a distributor of world-class film. The film is still a long process, filming tomorrow, and then pass through various stages of production of other . So it is still long. However, we are optimistic will be aired in Indonesia. "

Still according to Harsiwi, through the medium of The Philosophers, Indonesia get the opportunity to promote the name of Indonesia in the world of international cinema. And a promotional event that Indonesia has a natural and beautiful scenery, for seekers of natural attractions and natural.

So Harsiwi added, would be very strange if the movie is filming in Indonesia, it can not be aired in Indonesia.

"Wong shooting in Indonesia, the cook did not play here," joked Harsiwi.

Meanwhile, producer George Zakk and Cybill, and director John Huddles said the film will be is about 20 teenagers who attended an international school in Jakarta, which follows a philosophy class. They consist of various nations and be taught by a teacher (to be played by James D'Arcy).

They then obtain a job, and an experiment of the teacher. Of the 20 students, they receive the kind of tests and then will choose 10 people, to then improve the human race against the threat of nuclear danger.

John Huddles, the film will also air-thriller genre and will be filming at various places in Indonesia.

When Boleh.com try to confirm the facts we can be that they will be filming around Central Java and East Java, Huddles smiled and said, "We will be filming in beautiful places, including in one of the temple."

The Philosophers will start filming tomorrow and will take approximately seven weeks.

Neither party or parties SCTV own film crew was still covering the various details related to this project. They reasoned want to maintain the confidentiality and security film and crew, and promised to provide an opportunity to provide further information. In fact, they do not allow reporters to interview the characters.

Whatever it is, we enthusiastically look forward to hearing from this movie.


FILM The Philosophers is the first post-Harry Potter films cast from Ginny Weasley, Bonnie Wright.

SCTV towed Hollywood to produce films of The Philosophers in Indonesia. Two big names presented by the director John Huddles and producer George Zakk has ever worked on blockbusters such as xXx, Casino Jack, and The Pacifier.

Players are presented is also not arbitrary. Among them was James D'Arcy who has starred in the movie Master and Commander with Russell Crowe, actor Daryl Sabara and Ginny Wesley in the movie Harry Potter. The film also invites local star from Indonesia, namely Love Laura.

The process of filming the movie itself is just about to start next week. But the presence of the names above is quite intriguing; stories such as what and how the film will be made?

When SCTV Tower press conference in Jakarta, Friday (24 / 6) evening, John Huddles still keeping a lot of things about the movie. However, he gave a little glimpse of the outline of the story that he would present.

Early in the story of The Philosophers ranging from an international school in Jakarta. Once, pop up a message that there will be a terrifying nuclear disaster.

A philosophy teacher (played by James D'Arcy) has an underground shelter. He would invite his students to get into the bunker, but was only ten of the 20 students who could enter.

That's where the teacher member challenges his students to 20 people could get a chance to get into the barracks for protection.

Curious to see first hand the process of filming this filim? It was hard. For reasons of security and the smooth process of filming, they are very secretive about the schedule and location shooting.

Just heard through the grapevine, one of the locations in areas that will be used as a shooting location other than in Jakarta is a temple in Central Java region.

On the IMDB website, the release date of The Philosophers planned August 6, 2012. Let's pray that we can watch it.

(Ari / ade)

Ini Bocoran Film "The Philoshopers"-nya Bonnie "Harry Potter" Wright dan Cinta Laura

Bonnie "Ginny Weasley" Wright: I'm Already A week in Indonesia And Highly Enthusiastic

Bonnie Wright
One of the figures that attract attention in the press konferesni Hollywood film, The Philosophers, Friday, June 24, 2011, is a British actress, Bonnie Wright.

The actress who will pass the name of the character Ginny Weasley, said interested in taking a role in The Philosphers, because he was bored with his role in Harry Potter, who has lived more than 10 years.

Bonnie is already engaged to fellow actor in Harry Potter, Jamie Campbell Bower, it appears to look beautiful when it is present at the press conference held on the 19th floor of Tower SCTV, dressed in casual clothing, sleeveless orange.

He also looks very energetic and diligent follow a variety of questions, although most filed in the Indonesian language.

The actress was born in 1991, says this is the first time he visited Indonesia, and that's one reason he was unwilling to play in The Philosophers.

"One of my reasons come into play in this movie, because I can here (Indonesia), the country which I have never visited."

Bonnie also claim very enthusiastic, "I've been here for a week. And I am very enthusiastic."

Regarding his role in this film, Bonnie said she would becoming an international school student who likes to talk and very fashionable, in contrast to his previous role as Ginny closed.

"I'm here to play as a teenage girl who loves fashion. And it also makes me very interested.", He said, smiling sweetly.

Bonnie Wright is sweet.



Also present at the news conference were stars Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter film series, English actor James D’Arcy and Indonesian Cinta Laura.

Wright said the cast had been in Jakarta for a week, acclimatizing themselves to the local conditions to help them get into character.

Jakartawood: Hollywood Film Shoot Begins in Jakarta on Saturday | The Jakarta Globe

Fan pics of Bonnie on her way back to the hotel from filming in Indonesia:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Bonnie featured in Interview Magazine!!!!!!!

Posted Image

Posted Image


She goes into greater detail on Geography of the Hapless Heart and The Philosophers and talks about HP, her career, and school:
Some highlights:

SYMONDS: Did you end up writing any screenplays?

WRIGHT: I'm actually in the process of writing a short screenplay for a film that I'm going to be directing in our final year. That will be very exciting.

SYMONDS: That's fantastic! Can you tell me what it's about?

WRIGHT: It's quite new, but it's basically about a relationship between a mother and daughter, and it's set in an area in England, in East Sussex, called Romney Marsh, which is a very interesting environment that I always went to as a child and grew up with, so it's very much about the location. It's a very bleak, quite bizarre area. So it's a film, basically, about that area of England.

SYMONDS: As a director, who are some of your inspirations?

WRIGHT: I've always loved the dialogue that Pedro Almodóvar writes. And I've always loved Jane Campion, I like the sort of mood that she created in The Piano and Bright Star. I think it's important, not only to be inspired by specific directors, but by specific films. I think with our coursework, it's really interesting watching other people and the originality that people can bring.

Geography of the Hapless Heart:

SYMONDS: Can you tell me about your role in Geography of the Hapless Heart?

WRIGHT: Yeah, that's a short film I did about two years ago. It's going to be one of five, they're set in different cities, at all different times. And they're linked through a necklace that's passed through the stories. Mine was the first story, it was set in London. It's about this young man who's walking home from work along the South Bank in London, and he reflects over his relationship he had with this girl that he basically ruined, and the girl is the character I play.

The Philosophers:

SYMONDS: And the movie that you're going off to shoot next week, is that The Philosophers?

WRIGHT: Yeah, that's The Philosophers. I'm off to Jakarta in one and a half weeks.

SYMONDS: Have you ever been there?

WRIGHT: No, I haven't. I've been to a lot of areas of Thailand and Australia, but I've never been to Indonesia, and I'm very interested in the area and the locations that we're shooting in. It's going to be amazing. We're shooting in the grounds of Buddhist temples and the grounds of massive volcanoes. All the photos I got sent yesterday by the director, and I'm just so excited to go and see these incredible landscapes.

SYMONDS: Can you explain your role a little?

WRIGHT: It's set in an international school in Jakarta. It's called The Philosophers because it's based around this philosophy classroom, before they graduate from their last year of high school from this international school. Their philosophy teacher is very sort of strange and corrupt. There's a thing in philosophy called "thought experiments," where you basically imagine a situation that you go in as a group and put philosophical ideas into practice. We use our imagination, that we all create and think of, as this bunker that's going to sleep ten people to hide out from a nuclear war, a [post]nuclear sort of world. And it's all this battle between the 21 of us, the students and the teacher, of who should be saved, who should go in this bunker. It's quite a psychological thriller; we flick back from this imaginary world and into the classroom. It's very sort of analytical, about ideas and friends against friends, so it should be interesting.

you can read the rest of the interview here:
Bonnie Wright - Interview Magazine

and on the cover of Haute Muse magazine. Here's the two covers and bts video:



#100350 The Bonnie Wright Thread

Posted by KAG on 30 April 2011 - 12:31 AM in Harry Potter

Another update, it's from an old issue of Production Weekly and has a bit more info on the summary of the film:
Posted Image

#97693 The Bonnie Wright Thread

Posted by KAG on 24 April 2011 - 06:13 AM in Harry Potter

She confirmed her new film role! She's playing Georgina and they start filming in June:

Do you plan to continue on with acting?
I'm in my second year of college at the University of London, University of the Arts at the moment doing film. And I start a new film in June this year that's an American film set in Jakarta in Indonesia, and I think there are two other Australian actors meant to be in it, Rhys Wakefield and Sophie Lowe.

Right now, my hunger and drive is to really play as many diverse roles as possible. And I think when you're with a character for 10 years, it's an awfully long time. For me now, opportunities have very much opened up, so it's just seizing the right ones and choosing everything right.


and another thing, her and Jamie's reps confirmed they are engaged! Bonnie is getting married!

On a slightly relevant note: while SnitchSeeker generally doesn't report on the actors' personal lives, unless they discuss it in interviews, given the fact that publicists have confirmed it, we shall announce it as well. Actor Jamie Campbell Bower stated in an interview earlier this month that he is indeed engaged to be married to Bonnie Wright.

Access Hollywood got confirmation from Jamie's reps about it being true; and SnitchSeeker just received word from Bonnie's reps that she is indeed engaged right now. Congratulations to the couple!


and this:

#86246 The Bonnie Wright Thread

Posted by KAG on 02 April 2011 - 08:43 PM in Harry Potter

New film in the works, though hasn't be confirmed by her reps yet. Though Jamie her bf mentioning going to Indonesia for vacation this month which happens to be where they're shooting the film and also when they start filming as well and the source is legit:

The Philosophers
In an international school in Jakarta, a philosophy class is having its last session. The professor challenges twenty-one graduating seniors to select ten who would take shelter underground and reboot the human race in the event of a nuclear attack. ~ Baseline StudioSystems

Rhys Wakefield - James
Ben Chaplin - Professor Zimit
Bonnie Wright - Georgina


#82668 The Bonnie Wright Thread

Posted by KAG on 26 March 2011 - 09:00 PM in Harry Potter

Me again, she's attending the Empire Awards tomorrow so keep an eye out for photos and new still from her new film 'Geography of the Hapless Heart'

Posted Image

Posted Image

On the facebook page they updated saying in a few weeks we should be getting an official trailer for the film. Can't wait to see it! :D

#75087 The Bonnie Wright Thread

Posted by KAG on 09 March 2011 - 05:51 PM in Harry Potter

She also modeled for Kate Eary at London Fashion Week, she walked the catwalk:

Bonnie Wright of Harry Potter fame was enlisted as one of the female models and she did a great job walking in the ridiculous (but also amazing) heels. Her Twilight actor fiancée Jamie Cambell-Bower was in the front row to lend his support and he was obviously very impressed with his lady, how adorable!

I knew I was in for a treat when I received the invitation for Katie Eary's autumn/winter 2011 show. The invite promised 'the monster walks', and a creepy image of frankenstein's monster, along with some classic spooky fonts which had me intrigued. The collection was said to be inspired by the book 'Elephants on Acid and Other Bizarre Experiments' by Alex Boese (the Frankenstein chapter of course), but there were horror and pop culture references a plenty. The models (both male and female) wore frakenstein bolt jewellery around their necks and some even had 'stitched' up cheeks. The final walk saw all the models strut their stuff wearing giant bunny masks, not unsimilar to the cult character of Frank in Donnie Darko.

Posted Image
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Posted Image
Posted Image

#75082 The Bonnie Wright Thread

Posted by KAG on 09 March 2011 - 05:42 PM in Harry Potter

Bonnie model for Financial Times for their photoshoot to promote V&A exhibit The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement:
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Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

BTS video of the photoshoot:

#75080 The Bonnie Wright Thread

Posted by KAG on 09 March 2011 - 05:39 PM in Harry Potter

Tons of news since December. Bonnie attended the Rodial BEAUTIFUL Awards and she won an award for Best Edgy Award:
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Posted Image

Posted Image

She attended the BAFTA Awards:
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Posted Image

#34578 The Bonnie Wright Thread

Posted by KAG on 28 December 2010 - 03:54 AM in Harry Potter

Can't believe I haven't posted this yet:

UTA has signed two young British actresses: Bonnie Wright, aged 19, who has appeared in all the Harry Potter films as Ginny Weasley, and Ella Purnell, aged 14 co-stars Never Let Me Go, Ways To Live Forever, The Intrud


UTA (United Talent Agency):

Explains that one tweet back in September of Bonnie being spotted in LA.

And Bonnie did a Christmas reading for the Prince's Fund Children and the Arts concert which took place back on December 9th. Here's the pictures:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Also, here is the audio of her reading that aired on the radio on Christmas Eve:

#31895 The Bonnie Wright Thread

Posted by KAG on 22 December 2010 - 06:16 AM in Harry Potter

Bunch of film stills from Bonnie's new film "Geography of the Hapless Heart" from the film's official facebook page:
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Posted Image