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#263798 Hello again. Just thought i'd share some converse shoes commissioned for...

Posted by Darth_Chris on 25 January 2016 - 11:53 PM in Emma General Chat

Hi guys! Long long time ago I was a member on these forums. I think in around 2008. I was digging through old pictures and I found this one. I think I had them made to commemorate Emma's 18th birthday? Anyways they were mailed but rejected. =/


How many people can recognize where the designs on the shoes are inspired from? 




Anyways with the end of the Harry Potter saga it appears these forums have quieted down a lot. I remember one time I almost won a plate that Emma drew on for a TV show. But it got sold on eBay for $350. And the grand daddy of them all was a Jacket and Shirt from Emma's personal closet and a hand written letter. These items were donated for a charity event. A member on these forums won a long time ago. I think it went for $1600. Too had I was only in High School at the time. I didnt have that kind of cash. Perhaps when I have time I will share more of my Emma memorbilia. I have a autograph that was obtained through a certified MuggleNet autograph hunter. (This was before we all know about PSA/DNA verification) as well as a few costume cards.