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#264474 The Ron and Hermione Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 20 July 2016 - 10:54 PM in Shipper Forum

If in fact there is a downloadable online version of the script as you say RMSim that would be helpful to me and an option I might employ. 


Unfortunately from a discussion standpoint and script reading standpoint, I will not be able to read it right away when it comes out on the 31st.  I will be visiting with my best friend and his family from the end of July through the first week of August and while their children may someday be interested in Harry Potter, they are a bit too young right now, so I doubt very much I will be spending any time looking for info about the Cursed Child until I return home. >.<


Once I do return though it will be one of the first things that I look for and along with the Summer Olympics will likely attract most of my Entertainment attention. :)  

#264465 The Ron and Hermione Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 17 July 2016 - 01:29 PM in Shipper Forum

Perhaps once we have all had a chance to get and read the script (probably a while yet from now), the forum members here should read the parts together in some kind of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child FaceTime event?  :o


It would be like returning to High School English class.  With the exception (in my case as a high schooler of the 1990s) of fewer poofy haircuts (minus Hermione's of course) and more formalized attire (yes... as if you couldn't tell already by my linguistic skills that I was a product of a Public School education...lol).


We need some members to return to make that a possibility though.  Yes, I am looking at you all you absentee Potter Heads!  :puh:

#264464 The Rupert And Emma Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 17 July 2016 - 01:17 PM in Shipper Forum

OMG, the last premiere was 5 years ago already? :whaa:


From a videographer perspective it's one of the last things we R/E shippers have to hold on to regarding the ship which is part of why I think it will hold a special place in our hearts. 


There were several lovely Emma and Rupert moments during that final premiere. 


I have not seen Brad Paisley's video or heard the song yet, but I will be sure to check it out Kristin.  :yesyes:

#264414 The Rupert And Emma Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 12 July 2016 - 12:40 AM in Shipper Forum

My brothers and my sister have always had good senses of humor about things.  I would say that when we get together we're not always funny, but we always have fun, we always laugh, and that's where I come up with the stuff I come up with.  It's all just part and parcel to trying to be positive and have fun. 


Hopefully the things I say about Harry Potter and Rupert and Emma or Ron and Hermione are fun and positive more often then not.  Sometimes I can roll my eyes at the things I write, but with all the seriousness in the world I feel like this place is a place where I can be genuine and honest, but I don't have to take myself too seriously either.


 Rupert and Emma are absolutely due some down time.  When your life is in the spotlight of the public, there are challenges I can't even begin to appreciate and I don't envy them for that.  I hope what ever measure of privacy they can find, they find and enjoy.  Emma and Rupert certainly deserve those small periods of privacy that we living in obscurity might take for granted. lol 

#264407 The Rupert And Emma Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 10 July 2016 - 02:34 AM in Shipper Forum

Haha.  LOL I kind of think of being thrown in the brig as tough love.  Not punishment. 


Plus it's not all bad really.  I've made friends with a few furry creatures down there and sure, the creepy crawlies may not look the most appetizing, but when you're hungry, well, it all tastes like chicken anyway.  :0_0:

#264404 The Ron and Hermione Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 08 July 2016 - 10:37 PM in Shipper Forum

I have yet to read any reviews of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as I don't want any spoilers and hope to get a book copy of the script. 


But is it generally be reviewed/received well?  Poorly?  by critics and play-goers? 

#264403 The Rupert And Emma Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 08 July 2016 - 10:33 PM in Shipper Forum

A Hogwarts Replica Castle... $324.95


Shiny Emerald colored Slytherin Tie autographed by Daniel Radcliffe and J.K. Rowling... $149.99


Tickets to the Cursed Child starting August 3rd... between $21.00 and $85.00


The revelation of a Rupert and Emma RomancE....  :kiss: Priceless! 

#264397 The Rupert And Emma Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 08 July 2016 - 12:48 AM in Shipper Forum

If I could just win this darn Mega Millions Jackpot then I might invest in a couple of tickets to see the Cursed Child.  


Yeah, I know it's probably sold out for all shows, but I'm guessing 540 million has to be able to open a door or two that may have been closed in the past? *shrugs*  :rolleye0012:


HECK.  I might even get to go back stage with Emma and Rupert if I grease the right palms.  :tongue0020:  :yesyes:  :ohyeah:  :king:

#264394 The Rupert And Emma Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 07 July 2016 - 10:29 PM in Shipper Forum

Welcome back Captain!  And I'm doing fine thanks Courtney! How have you been?


Have any of the HP cast - at least among the main characters - appeared together in any films since HP?  


Seems impossible to keep secrets away from the media, but wouldn't it be cool if Rupert and Emma were able to appear together in a film without any leaks spoiling it first?


As co-stars it would likely be impossible but maybe, just maybe it could work and enough people could stay quite long enough if one made a guest appearance in the other's feature film.  Or if they made a guest appearance together in a small roll.  Do stars even accept bit parts in films these days though?  It probably takes a degree of humility, but Rupert and Emma don't seem to be all about themselves. 

#264388 The Ron and Hermione Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 06 July 2016 - 02:21 AM in Shipper Forum

@Mr. Pumpkinhead( Hey would you mind saying your name ? Your username is way too long for me to type): Its always been pleasure for me talking nonstop about my RonMione, and moreover voicing my thoughts and opinions among the persons with almost the same tastes and interests is what making me more happy. I am a huge R/Hr fan from my childhood days when I first came around Harry Potter and when I don't even know the so called term
"shipping a pair " but became a RoMione worshipper from that time only. Anyways I am Simantini.



My name is Jon which you are welcome to call me.  Or if you wish to use the user name Mr. P is fine.  The shipping world was non existent to me until I discovered the Harry Potter books and movies back in December of 2009.  I had actually seen the first movie when it came out in theatre's years before but my interests did not ignite back then.  It was a conversation with my twin brother Clifford and watching the Family Channel's Harry Potter Christmas and seeing the Prisoner of Azkaban and The Goblet of Fire that first peeked my interest in the HP series.  I am older then most of the people here and have no young children so I was not exposed to Harry Potter in the same way that many people here first were.


In looking for information on Harry Potter I stumbled upon Emmawatson.net in late December 2009 (pre hyphenation days when it was owned by someone other than dookdookdook).  I first only read the posts and was pulled in by the conversations in the Shipper Forum by members such as Kristin (cbmac12), Sabine (galadriel12), Katharine (Dumbledore's Woman), Vida (Vida), Pat (Pat) and Alex (start.a.revolution) as well as a few others. 


It's funny how what I was looking for was chat about Harry Potter and what I ended up finding were some truly wonderful people, who I now miss a heck of a lot more then I miss the lack of new Harry Potter conversations.  And I still love Harry Potter.  


For someone who did not grow up with computers as many of you here have, it still amazes me how this thing I am typing away on connected me to people across the globe whom I otherwise may never have known.  I am a bit of a sentimental sap though, so I miss that kind of connection that was shared in my early days on this site. 

#264354 The Ron and Hermione Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 23 June 2016 - 02:33 AM in Shipper Forum

Ronmione_Sim, I can understand why you would not like the books as much if Ron and Hermione did not end up together and Harry and Hermione did.  With that said, JKR is too talented a writer to have allowed the Harry and Hermione friendship to develop and then suddenly thrust them together in the end romantically.  Obviously if Harry/Hermione had been the end result then a lot of the preceding development would have been effected.  So much so that it's hard to say what we would have thought of Ron or Hermione or Harry.  Of course we only know the perspective we have and will never know the Bizzaro World perspective that might have paired Hermione and Harry.  


I do entirely agree with your sentiments about Ron and Hermione and what made them so special as a couple. It's been fun and exciting to have a fresh voice in here, sharing your perspectives and insights.  Thanks for joining and reinvigorating our discussions. 


Rhrshipper, you made some excellent points about the relationship development vs. the character pairings.  While it's possible it's been touched on before, It's one of the most astute things I have read in this discussion.  The concise way in which you got to the point, to the heart, is something I have trouble doing.  I am always all over the place, but this said it with directness and correctness...


"Harry and Ginny are well suited for each other, by just looking at their characters,  but the relationship was rushed. Whereas, Ron and Hermione may seem to have incompatabilites if you just look at their characters, but the relationship was developed realistically well,..."


I believe I have commented in the past at length about how I can kind of excuse the rapidness of the Harry and Ginny relationship, given the immense amount of strain and stress Harry was under to truly take a very Adult roll upon himself.  Maturity was almost forced on Harry in a way.  Could JKR have gone more in-depth and given us more between Harry and Ginny?  Absolutely Yes.  The way Harry and Ginny did develop though seems appropriate in a way to me given the nature of his responsibilities towards defeating Voldemort. I guess what I am getting at in a way is to suggest that IF we got too much romantic development between Ginny and Harry it may have made it a bit harder to believe that he could be so involved and also be able to effectively focus upon the ultimate task set before him. 


The plot was not at risk as much with the Hermione and Ron relationship.  Which truly helped to create some light hearted moments that balanced some of the darkness present in the main story line.  So while it was beautifully developed, it was also logically the easier relationship to develop in a literary sense. 


Your point about real life relationships and how they are not cookie cutter in any way shape or form is duly noted too.  Hopefully I did not stereotype fandom too much postulating about the kind of people who might like Harry and Hermione together vs. the kind of people who might like Ron and Hermione together.  That's what happens when my mental wanderings spill out on the page at times. LOL  Sometimes I wander into an epiphany... while most of the time I just wander into POOF! Haha  :doh:

#264351 The Ron and Hermione Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 21 June 2016 - 05:35 PM in Shipper Forum

Ronmione_Sim, while I always believe that JKR has been true to herself there are times when I believe that her comments regarding the Ron/Hermione relationship after the HP series was done had at least SOMETHING to do with Ms. Rowling not so much wanting to appease the Harry/Hermione crowd, I think that is going a bit too far, but perhaps more accurately wanting to be diplomatic.  


A large portion of the HP fan base always wanted Harry to be with Hermione.  There is some justification for that from a "traditional" perspective.  Harry is the Hero.  No two ways about it.  And from childhood we've often been raised in most cultures to trust that the Hero gets "THE" Girl.  And no offense to Ginny, whom I love but as far as focus in the HP series is concerned,  Hermione is "THE" girl.  JKR is completely familiar with these standards in literature. Many people in life also believe in the romanticized version of "THE ONE".  For some people the idea of one person to love all your life is a reality, but I think the vast majority of people can experience loving more than one person. I am not going to put my "LOVE" on such a pedestal to suggest that there is not more than one idealized, romanticized true love out there for me.  


So naturally it would follow that many HP fans would want Harry to end up with Hermione.  I understand that.  I think a blind spot can be created by that mindset though.  It's something that anyone could fall victim to.  Do those words jab a bit at the Harry/Hermione fans.  Sure they do.  And I make no apologies for being a Ron/Hermione shipper, so the jab is intended. >.<  But it IS just a JAB not a KNOCK OUT punch.  Harry is a great person and so is Hermione.  If they had ended up together in the story, while disappointed, I would not have felt victimized by Rowling. There are certain levels on which Harry and Hermione could make sense and could work.  I acknowledge that. 


I just feel like that result would mean that Rowling would have followed the stereotypical plot line.  I like my adventure vicariously.  I'm someone who follows the rules.  Rowling by matching Ron and Hermione veered from the rules of story telling.  She took a risk.  Ron and Hermione are all about risk in a way.  Risk involves potential conflict, which Ron and Hermione certainly had.  MAYBE Harry and Hermione were "meant to be".  BUT and it's a big but.... Ron and Hermione ARE.  And why?  Because real life involves risks.  Real life does not follow the rules.  Real life is rich with emotion and ups and downs and uncertainty.  Can't we provide for the possibility that what "IS" is for a reason?  Maybe, just maybe, what is, is because it is what was meant to be?


To me matching Harry and Hermione is the boring, staid and static story solution.  As a boring staid and static person myself, I understand that desire.  But what are dreams made of?  They're made of adventure and risk.  This is just a theory mind you... but I think perhaps some of the more adventurous, risk takers in life look for the Harry and Hermione type of relationship because they need balance for their risk taking.  I think that the less adventurous among us might long for the Ron and Hermione relationship because we need something to push the boarders of the ordinary.  Sure, my theory is likely more of a personal reflection then an accurate take on all of Harry Potter fandom.  While being perhaps obnoxious enough to espouse the possible implications of my theory, I do recognize the potential shortcomings of it relative to my own point of view. Plus part of what I am celebrating in the Ron and Hermione relationship is the very unlikeliness of it in many ways. 


That is NOT to suggest though that there are not aspects of the Ron and Hermione relationship that make it work.  Ron and Hermione possess the main ingredients for what might to amount to a successful potion in Potions class.  Mutual desire. Mutual love. Separately one might think that Ron and Hermione don't mix well.  But together they work perfectly.  That is what is so special about them.  They are the unexpected result.  Sometimes the unexpected bond is the strongest bond of all, because there are so many things working against it, so many people rooting against it, that is HAS to be stronger just to prove all the doubters wrong.  The bond HAS to be stronger for love to work.


Ron and Hermione do work.  Ron and Hermione ARE love. That is what is so wonderful about their relationship and how Jo Rowling developed it over the HP series. 

#264348 The Ron and Hermione Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 20 June 2016 - 10:07 PM in Shipper Forum

For now I am trying to avoid the spoilers.  I did not hear any of the Ron/Hermione spoilers, but will wait for the script to be published.  I did hear some of the plot spoilers from a friend at work and while I would not say I was disappointed, speaking as best I can in vagueries it did seem like things might be a little too convoluted for my liking.  I enjoy twists and turns like the next person, but sometimes all the twisting and turning does is make you dizzy until you fall face first into a brick wall.  With some of the rumors I heard, I get the feeling there could be few bruised faces. 


Alas, rumors are rumors for a reason, and even spoilers on the plot line could prejudice one for or against the script, so I'll do my best to reserve judgement until I am able to read the actual script completely as Ronmione_Sim suggested. 


I've also felt so starved for Harry Potter or Wizarding World literature since the series ended that I kind of want to take it slow and take the script in bit by bit when it is released so I can savor it.  Everything must end and a sense of finality is important to a lot of people, but when you have a good thing you want it to keep going.  Of course there is always the risk of pushing a good thing too far.  Is Harry Potter still a passion for JKR or just a meal ticket?  My oldest brother told me that the Ann Rice Vampire Diary books were great to start with but he got the sense that once Ann Rice realized how popular the series was she kept writing more books to keep the gravy train rolling and the story suffered as a result.  


I am not about to accuse JKR of that.  I'm just mentioning how it's an understandable side effect of success sometimes.  She has done wonderfully thus far not to take that pitfall. 

#264290 The Ron and Hermione Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 07 June 2016 - 10:06 PM in Shipper Forum

Hello all....I am a crazy R/Hr shipper and always luvs reading about Ronmione stuffs and this is how I came here....I am a Ronmione fan first from movies, and then when I read the HP books, I have become a Ronmione shipper for life....Even now, when I feel low, Ron-Hermione is always my happy place...May I join in discussions with you all ?



Of course you can join us!  We're always happy to talk Ron-Hermione.  Sadly we are not as active here these days as we were in the past.  I am sure that the news surrounding the Cursed Child might help reinvigorate things though once the details of the story gets out. 


We will analyze and over analyze the details of the relationship... haha.. because that's what we do best. 

#264289 Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (a play - 2016)

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 07 June 2016 - 09:55 PM in Harry Potter

I have heard a few spoilers concerning the plot line but will keep them to myself without knowing if they were truly accurate or not.  


At any rate, it's exciting news.  Also, do we know when the head shots were taken?  Noma's hair could already be longer, and whether it's a wig or her natural hair, in the most recent pictures of the cast her hair more resembles the bushy style so often attributed to Hermione in the novels. 


I'm interested to see how the personalities translate as adults for Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco and whomever else might be in the play.  I imagine Neville will be in the play too.  Isn't he either a teacher or headmaster?  Got to polish up my HP memories a bit.  I'm not as young as most of you here. lol


I read that a book version of the script will also be released on the opening day of the play.  For the many who will not get to see the play (a la present company included) in London, at least there will be something to assuage our Harry Potter addictions.  


Hopefully the play is well received and makes its way to the U.S..  Not sure if I could afford to see it on Broadway but if it goes off broadway there are a few local theaters I would love to go see it at. Of course that's years in the future if it happens at all. >.<

#264219 The Rupert And Emma Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 04 May 2016 - 03:31 AM in Shipper Forum

Hi Courtney! 


I agree with both you and Kristin about the paparazzi.  I just don't see that ever changing though.  It seems in our "need to know" culture today that maintaining any level of privacy is getting tougher and tougher for celebs.  


Especially someone like Emma who is such a public figure not only for her celebrity profile but also her activism.  I wonder if Emma would ever run for political office down the line?  Has she ever addressed that in an interview? 


Kristin, I would love to hear about another joint acting venture by Rupert and Emma.  Let's hope it comes together.  I wonder if any of the HP actors will play a different (maybe mini guest appearance) roll in the Newt Scamander movie? 


Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 02 April 2016 - 02:24 AM in Harry Potter

Ugh never mind I just read he release date was pushed back to July 2017



April Fools maybe? >.<


Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 18 March 2016 - 02:24 AM in Harry Potter

Thanks Ashley


Junkie: That's such a lovely birthday present.  LUCKY  :puh:

#263935 What Song Is Stuck In Your Head?

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 12 March 2016 - 03:22 AM in Music

Junkie - love most everything I've heard by Hozier and Someone New is an awesome song.  My favorite Hozier song is Like Real People Do.  



In my head though with Easter coming is Easter Theatre by XTC




Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 12 March 2016 - 01:02 AM in Harry Potter

 I'm very intrested in the world of HP. Harry's story have been told.

What I do hope for is to get more about the world. But I dunno if these spin offs will give me (us) more or not..

, but there are alot more that I want!



This isn't based off Harry at all. This movie is about the world and from wayyyyy before Harry was born




If we were following the Wizarding World historically along a timeline of course the story of Newt Scamander happens long before Harry's story and does not involve Harry personally in any way.  


I think what Trixie is doing is taking something of a teleologic view in mentioning the "World of Harry Potter".  


After all, we as an audience to the Wizarding World were first introduced by JKR to the World of Harry Potter and it is in Harry's world (albeit in an entirely ancillary manner) that we first learn of Newt Scamander.


So in that way Newt's story could be viewed as a derivative or product of the Harry Potter World because our first conceptual understanding of Newt and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find came from our exposure to the World of Harry Potter.    


Or I could be wrong.  But I believe that is where Trixie was coming from.  She was not trying to suggest that Newt's story has any direct correlation to Harry's.  


Has a release date for the new film come out yet?  

#263931 The Rupert And Emma Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 07 March 2016 - 11:49 PM in Shipper Forum

Wow.  It's sad when anyone loses their life.  But especially so when so young and so unexpectedly.  =( 


My heart goes out to their families. 

It's nice to see Rupert spending some time in Paris.  I would think that his attachments to Emma and her history with France as well as his experiences through HP promos and his desire to show support for the people of Paris as they still deal with the repercussions of losing so many loved ones in the 2015 attacks, all factor into his warm feelings for the people of Paris France and for the City itself. 

#263930 The Ron and Hermione Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 07 March 2016 - 11:40 PM in Shipper Forum

Haha.  Thanks for that Kristin!  You're the best. 


That was a great interview.  The problem with it is other sites will take the snippet of what Rupert said and let it stand alone.  Throwing it out of context.  Which was the main point of my answer.  Thank you for providing the full context in which the comments were made.


I thought it was hilarious that they ALL picked Ron to stand by as a friend.  In part because I'm sure they all know.  A. Ron would need the support more (as they said) but B. Hermione was an insufferable know it all (which they left unsaid).  Therefore Ron would be a lot more fun for most of them to hang around with.   


I'm not saying Hermione wasn't a wonderful insufferable know it all btw.  <3


But ...she was... none the less... haha.  

#263913 Favorite Alcoholic Beverages

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 04 March 2016 - 02:29 AM in Food & Health

Good choice Chris.  


I love the smoothness of Johnny Walker Blue even thought I've only had the wallet for it on a few special occasions.  


It has to be chilled or in a glass that's chilled but I drink it straight.  You can't water down a good scotch whiskey.  That's just blasphemous.   


Can you use blasphemy and alcohol in the same sentence?  


There are many other great whisky brands that don't cost an arm and a leg that I frequent more often than JW Blue. 

#263911 The Ron and Hermione Thread

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 04 March 2016 - 02:18 AM in Shipper Forum

What was the comment Rupert made rhrshipper?  


Without having heard the comment I wanted to qualify my thoughts on these kinds of matters.  Whatever Rupert's comments were, and thinking back on Jo Rowling's comments that spurred a bit of controversy and even a degree of anger for some time on my own part... 


I think that I've moved on from being hurt by anything anyone might say about the characters or the Ron and Hermione ship.  True, radio and television have been around for years as well as magazines and newspapers, so celebrities always had to handle questions about the characters they portrayed in movies or on stage.  With that said, in today's multi media, social media world actors and actresses must get barraged by questions over the years, especially so when they perform in a prestigious movie or play.  There is always a context in which a person's comments are made, and I don't know that we ever fully understand the setting.  


If Rupert says he loves Ron and Hermione 1 million times and wants them to be together forever... it's news... but kind of gets lost eventually or drowned out.  If he says anything against them all of a sudden it's big news and reason for the Ron/Hermione shipperdom of which I am dutifully a part of to get up in arms over. 


People have bad days, they get tired or get in bad moods and perhaps they say something they don't really mean.  OR perhaps they do mean something and they just think about it differently over the years.  While I do not think I will ever ship anyone with Hermione other than Ron and anyone with Ron other than Hermione, I would not preclude myself from changing my mind years later and shipping Hermione with someone like Harry who was a completely decent and wonderful character (even though I think his relationship with Ginny is so underrated and under appreciated in fandom).  Harry is a good guy.  So I can understand why someone might like to see Hermione be with Harry.  Ron could be a bit of a git.  Something he might say of his own admission to Harry even if he might not be able to say it to Hermione.  So I see where people might be coming from in regards to the Harry/Hermione ship and why some people might have a negative opinion of Ron... or at least of his behavior at times.  


I could also understand why Rupert might resent Ron a little bit.  Which is to say, the way he had to portray Ron in the movies (which was different then Ron in the books).  I remember Rupert saying somewhere/sometime in an interview that he didn't always like how Ron was portrayed as cowardly or reactionary in the films.  I'm paraphrasing mind you.  I think that Rupert knew Ron was just as brave as Harry or Hermione or Dobby or any other character and would have liked to have portrayed Ron's stronger traits that we get to see in the books and not just the weaker traits which we got to see in the books as well, but in the movies his portrayal was weighted towards those weaker traits unfairly at times IMO. 


Okay... i just read the comments.  No happily ever after and they may have gotten divorced OR separated for a time.  So I stand by what I said above.  There are all kinds of context's to which we are not aware.  How was the question really asked?  Was he goaded into saying what he said?  Was he intentionally trying to get a reaction because he was tired about being asked about the relationship?  I could see myself giving an offhand answer to someone's question if they were bothering me.  


Or maybe he meant it and has felt that way all along.  Which is his right too.  I cared so much about what Jo Rowling had to say when I first heard it that maybe I just don't want to care about what anyone else might say negatively about Ron and Hermione any more.  So I am not really offended by Rupert's comments.  We know too that Rupert has a way of slyly joking around with people, so it's possible too that he was just trying to get someone's goat.  


I don't know if we'll ever know the full context of why he said what he said.  And perhaps it's fatigue over the toughness of the world we live in today, but I am beyond asking for or demanding apologies for any such comments like the one's Rupert made about Ron.  However he meant them, whether that be as a joke or seriously.  It's his right either way.  I hope that fans won't think poorly of him for it. 


I am content with my own feelings toward the ship.  My belief in the Ron Hermione ship is as strong as it has ever been.  I think the biggest testament to that strength is the fact that any perceived negative comments from any person, even those closer to the HP series in a literary or cinematic sense then I will ever be, can hurt me any more.  It's like water off a duck's back.   :rolleye0012:


Rock on Ron and Hermione!   :yesyes:

#263705 Rest In Peace, Alan Rickman

Posted by Mr. Pumpkinhead on 22 January 2016 - 02:11 AM in Harry Potter

 Just saw this today.  How terribly sad.  :'(  :sob:


God Bless him and his family.  He's left quite the cinematic legacy and no doubt the personal legacy he's left on family and loved ones runs even deeper.  Rest in Peace Mr. Rickman.  Thank you for bringing joy to so many via your professional career. 


I always felt that his portrayl of Professor Snape was the shining peformance of the HP series.