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    The UK, ghosts, life after death, child development, cats, hard rock/Celtic/classical music, Japan, houses..

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About Me

I love Harry Potter. Fav. character is Harry. My other obsession is South Park. Fav. character is Stan Marsh. I am one of the proudest fans of Daniel Radcliffe you will ever meet so be aware. I am not passionate about Harry/Hermione nor Ron/Hermione but I do support both. I love writing fanfiction for SP and HP. With writing, that means I cannot stand people who do not use proper English when they write so please, try to type correctly. It's not that hard.I cannot stand crazy shippers for ships I support and don't support. Both sides can get crazy and insulting to the other. I am a very strong minded person with a mind of my own, with very stubborn opinions on anything. But I like to talk on the 'net so drop me a line! I'm not evil, I promise :D

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