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  2. emma watson's email is private so you can't have it. I am sure you ought to be a film producer like David Heyman to be able to have a zoom/skype video chat with her.
  3. so yeah im a newbie but im more of a super fan then all of you. IM SUCH A SUPER FAN I KNOW THE AUTHOR OF THE CIRCLE< THE MOVIE SHEE WAS IN!!!!!!
  4. hi there, i want to send a google hangouts invite to Emma Watson. Im unsure what her email is though.
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  6. dookdookdook

    cant login

    I've sent you an email. In case others are having the same problem, you must use your forum displayname to log in. This replaced the username. If you are trying with your displayname and still can't log in, please post to this forum.
  7. Guest

    cant login

    hey mike, can't login to save my life but it's ok, I've tried resetting my password too but even that didn't help
  8. That's interesting news. And what lovely photo that goes with it. http://emma-watson.net/images/2020/06/Emma-Kering.jpg
  9. omggggg no one is here is on chat, replying and commenting on any of the topics and starting new topics. come one people!!! are you guyzzz alive??? come back. this site needs some loving and LIFE!!! seriously!!!! chat members please come backkkk!!!
  10. nothing happening in the forum lately .... yet I see 160 people viewing the forum ... but all guests !
  11. this fan made video was made a long time ago...i was looking for ages for this video and finally found it! soooo here it is!!! its my favorite fan made video of emma ever!! its really good!! go to the link below to see it! hope you all like it! (trust me you're gunna like it!) !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp300pRkAeY ENJOY!
  12. I love all her movies. Harry Potter, Noah, Beauty and the Beast, and Circle! All Future ones also!
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