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  2. In May, I bought a dress, and I was literally forced into minimalism by the poor customer service of that experience, and since then I have not bought any clothing. (Long story short, they paid me an incorrect sum and I went through nine circles of hell trying to get them to fix it, I kept bouncing between customer service agents and they kept lying about how anyone might contact me to correct their mistake.) I know that for many of you, a few months is nothing, but probably every other week I used to buy new clothes.
  3. I saw her movies in my projector almost all the time she is one of the best and leading actress in Hollywood One of Watson’s biggest accomplishments is spearheading U.N. camaigns, further she is doing many things, however she is a role model agree or not?
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  5. Elena

    Emmazingly edited

    I am just putting materials together...
  6. Elena - cool! Let's hope you can do it! xx
  7. I love watching Killing Eve, Floor is Lava and Star Trek Discovery.
  8. I have a bamboo toothbrush that's tan colour.
  9. I have always admired Hermione because she's intelligent, loyal and practical.
  10. Elena

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    thank you! hopefully this year me and mike will be able to do a watson weekly - my desire would be to do it once a month....
  11. Hi, my name is Ethan. I live in Sweden, love to run in the morning. What do you guys do?
  12. you are a real good singer and together we can work it out,now shout, let's do this without a doubt
  13. another lovely image! well done Elena
  14. i love everything about you emma,i want to compete with you in a series of events 21 in all and we will see who is greater you or me,but no matter how you finish i will always love you baby,and i want that date girl,if i am a looser i will not come around here no more,but if i am a winner we head to the casino together
  15. very nicely done,it is a master piece,you have great insight into her and how she is
  16. Elena

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    awww thank you x3
  17. great work - always look forward to seeing them!
  18. Oh my well done - I don't know how I missed looking before! brill brill brill
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