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  1. Oh Wow, where to start... First of all I will say that if there were no copyright laws and no limits, then Emma's official website would be the greatest website on earth. It is hard for me to explain everythign to you, because I CAN'T, it's private. While I agree that Dook is a brilliant brilliant 'webmaster' but It's not a simple as you are trying to make it sound. First of all (as Ling stated) there is the issue of copyright. We cannot post pictures from every premiere/award ceremony etc, because it is a COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. Fan sites can easily get away with this, but anythi
  2. I'm not quite sure what that has to do with...well...anything really. What is this topic about anyways? the fact she is holding the union flag?
  3. ok, its just weird that you posted a picture of her standing next to an older lady and then say she looks like her mother.
  4. Wow this probably wins the award for most random topic. It depends on people's belief's. I'm not a member of the God Squad, so I definitely won't follow the pope. Obvs i follow Emma though.
  5. You are quite right. In fact a very recent example (i.e) the past week or so - has been the story of Taylor Swift dating Harry Styles from One Direction. Taylor has had a few high profile boyfriends (or at least is reported to have had) and so now everyone is calling her a slut, a whore and saying things like "She cannot keep her panties on for 2 minutes" - all of which are way harsh. Harry Styles has admitted to having several "conquests" (some of which have been reported about) but he sure has slept around - but he is painted as some sort of hero. All that is said about him is that "he is y
  6. Men are not chased half as much by paps than woman, Dan's comment should tell you that. It's not that Dan is "smarter" than Emma when it comes to paps, it's literally that she is hounded a hell of a lot more.
  7. Oh definitely. Females always suffer more. Dan hasn't been harrassed by the paps too much - although still more than he should.
  8. looks like Dan Radcliffe agrees with us, sensible man Dan opened up about growing up in the spotlight, worrying that he would grow conceited but trusted in his parents and co-workers on the Potter films to keep him in check. He called the paparazzi "downright criminal" in their behaviour stating, "when else can five men chase a woman down an alley and that be okay" referring to how the paprazzo treated Emma after turning 18.
  9. This is going nowhere. Everyone on here except Jonny thinks that Emma is handling fame well, and she is right to feel that she shouldn't have to smile for the paps. Jonny, you are on your own here. You can waste your time reading the leveson enquiry and you can desperately search the Internet looking for a comment where someone, Anyone shares a similar opinion to yourself, but in my opinion it just feels like you are looking for an argument in almost every thread that you post in. If you are a fan of Emma, then support her and let her make her own decisions about what she should and shou
  10. And the answer to that is no. Unless you want to be famous for being and doing nothing (e.g: reality TV 'stars). Emma is an actress, she will let her acting do the talking, not whate she ate for lunch or what coloured tights she is wearing as she steps out of her car.
  11. Yes they probably did. About how THEY should behave, not how the paps should behave. and Emma has never behaved badly in public, so what's your point?
  12. Actually no, you did not answer mine. This conversation didn't start about what the law is, but you just commented that Emma should smile in pap shots. So I asked you if you really think she should smile and encourage the very same people that abused her when she was 18 by trying to take photos of her private parts? It seems you always try and dance around the subject when anyone asks you if you think Emma DESERVES this treatment? (i.e: to have a photogropher lay on the the floor and put a camera lens up her skirt)? Wow. Just Wow. <sarcasm> Yes, i'm sure everyday since she was 9 she h
  13. Putting the Law aside. Your opinion is just that Emma should smile at the paps instead of looking annoyed at them? As Ling pointed out, the moment Emma turned 18, she was abused by the paps. She innocently got into a car with no intention of flashing her undergarments to the camera's (she was even with her Dad for goodness sake!). Had the repulsive, vile pap(s) that got ON THE FLOOR with a zoom lens to get a picture up her skirt been a human being with feelings - then we would never have had an upskirt shot anyway. It's not like she intentioanlly exposed herself. After your privacy has b
  14. As Helen states, whether she smiles or not when the paparrazzi strike, the press will STILL make stories up - it makes no difference. You will note that Emma has never had "bad" press where she is rude or swears at the Paparazzi, and sometimes the abuse a pap can dish out is vile. In fact i remember a video where she is walking around in France and is followed and sworn at by paps to try and get a reaction out of her - tell me WHO would SMILE at that sort of treatment? ...If it was me I would have punched them in the face.
  15. So by this you are saying that Emma shouldn't have the right to any privacy, her fans have a right to know about EVERYTHING in her life professional or not?
  16. Yes, Emma has just literally returned home. She has been working away filming Noah.
  17. The Q&A wasn't run on Twitter (i'm sure you would be the first to complain if it was, as the answers would have to be very short). Emma usually doesn't post on Facebook (she has done though), but the Q&A that was run on her website and Facebook where all of her own genuine answers, I uploaded those.
  18. I just want to check that you know... Red Carpet premieres & Press junkets, Chat shows etc.. All of these things are part of being an actor, they are written into your contract as things you do to help promote a movie. Okay, with me so far? Getting your photo taken whilst out walking your dog, eating dinner with your friends or just getting out of your car are NOT written into your contract, you are NOT paid for that and it is NOT part of your job. Can you see the difference? If you were a doctor, would you really want to drive home from(sometimes a long grueling day at work) and
  19. yeah...no idea who she is. Emma's Q&A is also from her "mouth", just because you don't see a video. When we do it we are her official sourse, so it's not like we make up the answers.
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