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  1. gah i went MIA again lol. And I'm doing good jon, just working alot and now going back to school on top of that. ah you went to Denver cbmac12?? How was it? I was supposed to go last month but it didn't quite work out like me and my friend had hoped it would.

  2. Hi Jon!!! I miss ya bud. how are you?


    This is very true, though it's still like just leave them alone. I would love to see if Emma would run for political office, that would be interesting to see.


    Idk if any of the actors would be in the new one, but I'm excited to see the new movie. And i'm also excited to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child once it hits bookshelves. makes me wonder if it does well not only on stage but also in book form if they'll make a movie for that and Dan, Emma and Rupert would reprise their rolls for it. Just a thought.

  3. yea tell me about it, work is kicking me hardcore. at least i'm getting a week of vacation here in the next few weeks, i'm so ready for a break from work lol.


    just read the article and omg just how the paps can be so disgusting..i mean seriously, what a bunch of low lifes.


    but those pictures of emma and rupert are just adorable. gah i can't believe its been almost 5 years since the last HP movie :( time to start binge watching all the movies again ^_^

  4. lol i'm doing good I've just been working alot so i haven't really been able to get on here alot :( how are you doing??


    and yea i can see, i can't wait to see Emma in the new Beauty and the Beast movie ^_^ it's gonna be awesome! of course they're never gonna confirm who their dating ;) lol


    yea I'm still loving their music and they were actually in a nearby city in concert but didn't have the money for tickets to go see them :( that and i never really have time to do anything outside of work

  5. :rolleye0012: okay, I promise to behave Professor Umbridge.


    :doh: Maybe she didn't read that? :unsure:


    I think I must have been under the influence of the Imperius Curse there. :o


    Come on Emma and Rupert, help me out here and throw us a bone, so I don't keep getting myself in troubles. :icontwisted8pz:


    your just asking for trouble ain't you jon? lol :P

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