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  1. Easy there buddy, you need a hug or something?


    First off, feminism represents equality. Nowhere does it say that it supports women and bashes men. It was created in an era where women had no rights whatsoever and were much more inferior to guys hence the name feminism. Still today, even though women have achieved a lot, still there are a lot of women who are considered inferior to men in some countries more in others less, even in some occasions only but still.


    The fact that young girls are being raped and society tells them that they should dress better, I think it's much more serious that you can't find a job at Taco-bell. Also a lot of jobs want women as employees, especially pretty ones, because they think they'll "attract" more people a.k.a guys inside. I could add a lot more examples to support the fact that women are being treated as objects still, or jobs that even you my friend would say that a guy would do better than a woman. I'm probably wasting my time responding to you, because judging from everything you've said you have absolutely no points, you're just being bitter lol


    I don't understand your hatred towards women, maybe you've been turned down a lot?  :rolleye0012: Just saying.

  2. Still anxious to hear from my family. Some of my cousins and uncles from a nearby city are on a navy ship on their way for relief efforts to Tacloban, Philippines. I hope that they will tell me that all my relatives are safe.


    I hope everyone's okay Jewemy :(


    Trying to sleep because tomorrow's gonna be hectic, but the more I think about it the less sleepy I become >.>

  3. The first person I ever talked to on the forums is leaving the forums nawwwhhh it's the end of an era :sob:


    Ιt's so nice you took the time and wrote this. It shows leaving here means a lot to you and thank you for sharing! A lot of people have left or are inactive for a great amount of time, for many reasons, but still are here from time to time. I hope we'll be seeing you from time to time as well.

    If you're sure that the reasons you're leaving for are right then go for it and good luck with everything. You will surely be missed sweets.

  4. I swear they're trying to make it so much on the supernatural side lately, that I keep facepalming hard >.> But I really loved the ending of the episode omg and once again I have like a million questions. Why do they have to postpone it until Jan why are they doing this to usssssssss? Ugh.


    But you guys, does Ali know who A is and why he's after her? Because if she does she should have warned the girls? Also the newest theory is involving twins again, but this time -you guessed it- Ezra twins. lol the fandom never gets tired.

  5. Haaaappy Birthday Yang to my Yin, Vader to my Obi-Wan, Negaduck to my Darkwing Duck, Venom to my Spiderman, Sasuke to my Naruto; Widu :P I'm a bit late, but still ehhh the day isn't over yet! I hope you're having a wonderful day celebrating a year closer to your death.


    How does it feel growing old? :P


    I hope you have a everything you wish for, amazing person you :hug:

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